Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Look at Twelve Years a Slave (updated)

Here are the first images from Steve McQueen's 'Twelve Years a Slave' starring Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I am certain that TYAS will screen at TIFF in September and I plan on being there. In fact, I'm going to try to get media accreditation... key word, try. We'll see. And as excited as I am to watch TYAS, it's going to be a hard film to watch. There are more pictures posted at USA Today, the original source of these images.

Update: Indiewire has a great write up on it, and some interesting comments posted by readers. However, this bit from Steve McQueen is intriguing:

"He goes through an extraordinary ordeal, a very painful, brutal experience, and found a kind of redemption on the other side of it," McQueen told USA Today about Ejiofor's character, and apparently Fassbender's performance is fierce. "[It's one] that no one's ever seen before, and that's saying something."

There have been many films made on the subject of slavery in the United States' past, and most evil slave owners have been presented as such, but for Steve to say that Michael's performance in particular is one that no one has seen before, is exciting and scary at the same time. I'm behind our boy 110% for everything he does and I anxiously await watching TYAS! It will be released by Fox Searchlight on December 27th.

Michael's acting in this particular role will be unlike anything, anyone has seen before. According to McQueen.

Don't mess this one up Fox Searchlight!

BTW, I have been, very, very busy at work and hitting a new high in feeling low about where I work. I'm positive things will change by the end of this week, if not sooner, and I will be rid of this horrible place. It sucks so bad that it ruined my post-vacation high, totally fucking ruined it and that's why I haven't been around much. Other than treating myself to seeing 'Man of Steel' on Saturday, I've been wrestling with the idea of what the hell I'm going to do about work. Up and quit that bitch, go postal, or continue to linger there up until I find something else. Well, something else has popped up and I hope I can seal the deal very soon.


Kruschelkasten said...

Good luck, whatever your decision is.


Simone said...

Thank you Christine. :)

Vera said...

I am excited about TYAS too!!! I bet everyone here is.

And as for you job, my decision would have been to quit. It is awful to drag yourself to work everyday and understand that you are wasting precious time of your life in some place you do not belong. And time is the most precious thing we've got. Whenever I got the feeling I just hate what I am doing,I pulled myself together and left.

But anyway whatever you choose we will try to cheer you up!!!))))

Barbara B said...

When I saw these pics this morning at work, I quite literally and audibly squeaked! Luckily I was alone in the office at the time :-)I thought the same when I saw that quote: it's intriguing. I am excited for Michael to get an opportunity to let his talent and skills shine, and I can't wait to see it. And yes, this will be harrowing, and painful, and gut-twisting to watch, but I would not expect anything less from McQueen-Fassbender duo. So roll on 27 Dec!
Simone, good luck with your job situation. Do whatever will make you happy and it'll be a good decision :-)

Dionne said...

My excitement levels are through the roof for this film. I hope Fox Searchlight doesn't mess up...

As far as the job, I've been there before and I just quit as I couldn't stand being there another minute. Of course you have some thinking to do and will do what's best for you :)

Kim d said...

Yes, picture. Thanks Simone. So excited.

What's more important to you now? What are you willing to sacrifice? Simone, do what makes you happy. I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

Maria Willis said...

I read on another forum fromn some one who went to a screening that Michael steals the scenes from jump and to those that hate on him, the one thing they can't discredit is his talent, so I'm excited.

I adore McQueen's skill at directing, his films are pure artistry.

Many accolades were given to Chiwetel and his female co-star as well (I expect nothing less because Chiwetel is excellent and entirely underrated IMO).

I'm also interested in the depiction of this film from a non American director too; I feel as though American history is so whitewashed and it's frustrating because we owe our youth honesty,especially when delving into such a brutal part of our background.

I know I'll leave this movie in awe and wrecked. I can't wait for the promotion because Steve speaks his mind and doesn't cater to critics, I find that very refreshing and endearing.

Hupsakeek said...

Like always there is a positive and a 'negative' side. Positive is that there are finally some pics of TYAS. Very, very positive is Steve talking about film. 'Negative' is that I've to wait so long before I can see the fillm and that will be so hard because the publicity will increase. ;)
But...I love that feeling of exictement. As if champagne flows through my veins. We have been lucky to see some Fassbender films last year and there is more to come so that "hunger" is taking care off. My McQueen admiration is a different story. I compare it with a camel...a camel can live without water for a long time, but when he has the opportunity to drink water, he drinks a lot! And today means that the oasis in within reach (although I must say that the period between Shame and TYAS is doable according to the 4 years between 'Hunger' and 'Shame'").

And Simone about the job....listen to your inner voice.

Simone said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind and encouraging words... and your positive vibes have paid off for me.

I got a contingent job offer today for an unbelievable career opportunity! I just have to go through the criminal background check and do the drug screening, and I'm good to go!

Thank you! Now I can quit that hell hole! Woohooo! xoxo