Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Montreal Michael & It's TIFF Time!

I was almost at the edge of just making something up just to be able to write a post about Michael. As you all know, he's still in Montreal, working hard on the X-Men movie. But still that's no excuse for being MIA for a week danggit! I have a blog to update for cripe's sake! When there's no Michael, I've had Henry Cavill to fall back on. LOL! Anyhoo, Michael has been spotted by fans and he has taken these two pics with fans (whom I removed - full pics at Pinterest). From this point on, if there are pictures of Michael and fans, I'll edit them out just for privacy reasons. Last year, a fan contacted me to edit her out of a picture I posted up here, and I quickly did as she requested. So I will be more conscious of that in the future. And when the Fassy well is dry, all we really want to see is Michael, right? Uh-huh!

It is TIFF time again and I have received a few emails from people who are asking me about TIFF and how to prepare for it. I strongly suggest you to visit www.tiff.net/thefestival so that you can learn about the TIFF process and experience. In my 10th year of going, in all honesty, I'm at a level of experience where I'm all over the place and this year I'm trying to get media accreditation (read about it at ToZ). I watch a lot of movies, and I'm "working" also in updating Theatre of Zen (which I strongly recommend you keep an eye on because I'll be more active on it this time of year). Chances are slim that I'll be as available to meet up with anyone as I previously have been. I have a friend I stay with and we have a TIFF business arrangement that is a blessing and I'm 100% committed to coordinating my schedule with his since we see so many films together. Also, I am making time available to meet up with blogger peers to network and build ToZ for future  TIFF adventures. I have been going to TIFF four years before becoming a Fassinator, so TIFF is not about being a Fassinator, I'm totally in my cinephile mode big time. However, and especially, if there is a TIFF year that there is a Fassbender film screening and there's a possibility he'll be there, I take that seriously and along with my cinephile hat on, and my writer/blogger hat, I put the Fassinator hat on top of both of those, so it's triple duty, stressful, and crazy for me.

I anticipate TIFF 2013 to be a triple duty as I try to plan it and navigate it a bit differently than years past (also TIFF organizers change stuff every year). So if you're planning on going, feel free to let me know. If there's a chance we can meet for lunch or dinner, we'll have to plan it by ear. It's always fun to meet Fassinators, but TIFF is a terribly crazy time to do so because I'm not just there for him, I'm there for the entire experience of TIFF, and that's a big difference. I remember back in 2011 (which was my favorite year because of the Fassbender and Pearl Jam adventures), a Pearl Jam friend was at TIFF ONLY to see the Pearl Jam rockumentary by Cameron Crowe. I asked him how many other films was he there to see, and he said none, he's not interested, he wants to see Pearl Jam only. He then asked me if I was there to see other films, and I told him of course, film and celebrity is in my blood. That year, I saw 18 films, and he looked at me like I was crazy. Dude, it's a fuckin' film festival. But it was cool. To each their own. He had fun, I had fun.

If you're thinking about going to TIFF because of the possibility that Michael will be there, that's nice and all, but I urge you to also buy tickets to other films so that you can get a better idea of what TIFF is about and why it's so awesome! I love Toronto very much, my sister Buddhist Temple is located there, my best Canadian friend lives there, I've been visiting it since 1991, and for me, it is the host to the world's most fan friendly film festival. A lot of fantastic celebrities can be spotted around town, so don't go there just for one celebrity, go there to enjoy all of what TIFF offers. :-)

Lastly, there is a new publisher's website promoting Twelve Years a Slave, please go check it out here.


Dionne said...

@Simone, I hope you get the media accreditation for TIFF Xx
Michael looks great in the fan pics :)

Myriam Cronk said...

Toronto IS beautiful!! Crossing my fingers for you Simone - definitely hope you receive the media accreditation :) Deserve it ♥

Hupsakeek said...

Again a horrible busy week at work...deadlines and by the time I got home I was dead myself :) which means that it wasn't possible for me to check the blog and pinterest.
I hope you get the accreditation. The higher powers are hopefully still working "on" you.