Friday, June 21, 2013

TGIF 621

A rather calm Fassbender week comes to a close. And guess what, I got a new job offer! :-) It is definitely TGiFassy for sure!

For those of you who check out my tumblr, I know I have been re-blogging tons of images of beautiful Henry Cavill, but don't fret, Michael is still my main dude. The Theatre of Zen tumblr features all of what I like, and although I have known of Henry for many years (he and Michael were in Blood Creek), his turn in the awesome 'Man of Steel' forced me to pay my respects to him. He ain't no Fassy, but then again, no one can be Fassy as Fassy. :)



Dionne said...

TGIFassy everyone :)

Hupsakeek said...

You are forgiven :-)
Congrats on your new job (I've wrote more on your ToZ blog)

Martha said...

What a harrowing week this has been but Fassy news is good. Can't wait for TYAS in December. Although it is not a very cheerful movie for Christmas. As any McQueen movie. He touches upon the human spirit. It will be marvelous for sure.

Man of Steel was good. CONGRATS to you Simone on your new job. Your hard work is being rewarded. Good luck in your new place.

Can anyone confirm that the TYAS trailer is being shown in the WW Z previews. Thanks!

Simone said...

Thanks for the congrats comments, I appreciate it.

At the time that I wrote Friday's post, it was my intentions to give notice on Monday and continue to work through Wednesday. But them bitches fucked up big time late Friday afternoon with some original freshly squeezed bullshit. I had enough. I put on a Golden Globe nomination worthy performance, and made up my mind that Friday was my last day.

I will drop off my resignation letter on Monday before the wimpy supervisor comes in. I reckon he'll be shocked into a stroke because there was still so much work to be done.

Yes, revenge is best served as a cold dish.

I will have this entire week to chill, be happy, work on my thesis article, and enjoy the weather before I start my new job on July 1st.

Life can be good at times.