Friday, June 28, 2013

TGIF 628

I'm in a much better head place than I was at this time a week ago. The wonders of what a staycation and getting new updates about Michael's two movies both coming out in October can do for you. And we still have yet to learn of the release date of Frank. This week's image of Michael has him looking very fresh, alert, and oh so handsome! And I'm reminded yet again the reasons why I do what I do in support of him in this community.

Last night at the Awards Watch forums, some idiot who wants me to acknowledge their existence, made a snide comment to me, out of the blue, just to provoke me. He called me a stan, and I don't like that. If you have never heard of that word and don't know what it means, refer to urban dictionary. Calling someone a stan is pretty much the short version of calling them a stalker. And you only call someone a stalker if they, a) really do stalk someone, or b) if they're not a stalker, but you call them that just to piss them off. Well, that person pissed me off and I gave told her two choice words.

I'll have to develop tougher skin over the next eight months because people are going to call me that to upset me because they don't like that I support Michael Fassbender on a general forum that is all about films and various actors and actresses.  Tons of other forum members regularly comment about their favorites, so it's the norm. At Awards Watch, there are a lot of people who like Michael, but I do stand out in my support of him. Of course I start threads on other topics, namely TIFF, and post in a lot of topics in the Film section. Most often, it is other people who are so quick to create a new thread about Michael so they can be the creator of a popular thread. So I'm not alone there in my being a fan of his. But there is a stark difference between a fan, even an enthusiastic one such as myself, and a stalker fan. The latter is mentally unstable and knows no boundaries of yearning to be in constant close proximity to a celebrity. I find it offensive to be referred to as a stan... I would rather just be called a bitch, you know? But carefully selected verbs and adjectives used to cut me down and insult my intelligence is rude and says more about the person who is attacking me than my own fan behavior.

Well, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and know that my personal and professional life has been given a new lease on life. I'm a happier and emotionally healthier person now, and I can deal with the petty rudeness that is part and parcel of the internet.



Maria Willis said...

Yeah, it's going to be rough come October.

There are at least two different forums I frequent and both are not big on Fassbender. I get called everything from an abuse supporter (I do NOT dignify that with a response) to having bad taste...

I get it, some folks don't like him, but I adore talent and he has that plus some. I think he's considered a "controversial" celebrity but whatever, I'm not here to judge a person's media fabricated personal life.

Just do what you do, I'm not alone when I say we're all grateful.

To be honest, I never thought of a stan as a stalker, just a passionate fan. You are passionate for all things Fassy but I don't blame you, we are all.

Thick skin sounds like a good idea, I'll be working on it too ;)

Simone said...

Thanks Maria!

I don't know what forum you hang out at where you're called an 'abuse supporter', and I don't want to know that type of forum. I also think that because of that forum you hang out at, maybe that's why you get the idea that he's considered "controversial". Well, I can tell you that in majority of the internet, that is not the case, he's well respected.

I like it at Awards Watch, there are more guys there, and I would guess that the average age is in the upper 20s or low 30s. So it's not a teenybooper fangurl place at all. :)

Vera said...

Oh, I think that everyone is called many bad things on the internet nowadays, no matter what the reason is. And these things should not affect us since I think that people who are being rude on the internet do not really give a shit about anyone,specifically the ones they are insulting, they do it just to express themselves. So we should not mind it either. But it's difficult at times.

Anyway, TGI Fassy everyone and have a great weekend!!!

Martha said...

Oh Simone you cracked me up "I'd just rather be called a ..." Yeah well you know you are not a stalker and if the world knew of all of us they would say we are crazy.

But we know we are not. We are sane people. We would never hurt Michael or invade his privacy. Because we respect him and his talent.

I visit other forums on occassion, on there I see comments such as Maria mentioned. I don't dignify a response. What is the point those people will not change their minds.

And I agree Simone, Michael is respected. Not just for his work/talent but for whom he is as a person by those who actually know him. Many people make comments about him and have never met him. They could say we have not either, but I hear the way his peers talk about him. It's all positive. I have seen other actors call out ones who are behaving negatively. I should stop. Michael doesn't need me to stand up for him. His actions will speak for him.

Happy Friday all! Fassy Friday!

Maria Willis said...

Eh, the firm doesn't matter really, I stay away from the celebrity section and mainly post in the feminist/science sections (I'm super nerdy and passionate that way).

I think most people WANT to believe the bad stuff because it's salacious.

Michael said it best when he questioned a reporter about how he would be more interesting with sadistic side (not the exact quote bit the gist of it).

I have seen his interviews and (IMO) he seems like a funny and light guy. He laughs at himself, doesn't take life seriously, and has managed to be consistent in what drives him-i respect that.

I love Angelina for these same reasons and Rosario, Brad, and Gosling...

Sure, you could be skeptic and say they're actors and that's what they do, but when EVERYBODY and their man sings their praises I'm inclined to believe the best.

Anyhoo, I'm just happy to have a forum where there's no drama (I clicked the link and agree with you on Macbeth completely). Who knows though, we may get a gift of an early pullout, lol.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Dionne said...

I don't comment on any forums so... lol ;)

TGIFassy everyone

Barbara B said...

Simone, first of all, I am glad you're feeling better now! Bog hugs :-)
As for the forum comments, hm... my experience is, people's idiotic judgements and shaming are somehow part and parcel of being a fan. There's an obvious difference between a stan and a fan, but some people have just too limited a viewpoint to grasp that. If someone has never been a fan themselves, they don't realise the intricacies of this world and a multitude of ways one can engage in that. As usual, people prefer to think in stereotypes. I suppose there's no other way but to develop a thick skin... :-) And I agree with what Maria says, we are all grateful you're here and doing all this hard work. Being passionate about something is a good thing :-)

Barbara B said...

Of course, I meant 'big hugs' not 'bog hugs' LMAO!

Simone said...

LOl! Thanks Barbara! I was thinking that 'bog hugs' was Polish for a certain type of hug. LOL!

Kim d said...

Everything Maria Willis said. If someone attacks you on the net, when in doubt, act like Michael Fassbender. He's doing his thing.

What's so wrong about appreciating his talent and appeal? Everyone should be so lucky to find something they enjoy. The problem is that some people are too worried about someone else's taste instead of cultivating their own.

I wouldn't give 2 fks about the stan comment, Simone. Michael is so worth the hate from some of these losers. You can measure someone by their enemies too.

Hey, I'm not a big Beyoncé fan but I don't go around harassing her fans.

Hupsakeek said...

Like I said before..what Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally. I sometimes get tired of defending myself being a fan and I've decide not to do that anymore. If they think I'm weird.....well that's their problem.