Sunday, July 21, 2013

Entire Video of X-Men Panel at Comic Con - Michael is Prominently Featured. (Updated)

Michael starts to speak at 8:39

And at 11:35 is when Patrick and Ian speak, and yes, this is the moment when Ian speaks. :)

And here is the media Q&A panel afterwards.

Update: has this brilliant but short video interview with the Prof Xs and Magnetos, and the director.


Barbara B said...

Sir Ian McKellen, you shameless devil, get in line! :-P

Simone said...

I don't think Ian could help it, he's a Fassinator and he's only doing what a normal Fassinator would do. :D

Kim d said...

McKellen is so cute with his flirting. I totally understand Ian. Michael can't just walk around and expect people not to have naughty tourette when he's in their presence.

gambit78 said...

After seeing all these clips so so psyched! And all the magnetos ans prof x's together wow!

Dionne said...

Ian and Michael <3 Poor McFassy shippers, Ian stole their thunder. lol Also I forgot how much I love Hugh Jackman but after seeing the videos I remember ;)