Monday, July 1, 2013

Michael Grocery Shopping in Montreal

Michael has been criticized for his fashion, but I love it. He wears the hell out of those camouflage board shorts, and I'm not complaining. Looks like he went grocery shopping with a friend.

More pics later when they become available. You can view watermarked pics at my tumblr. And according to this article, the theatrical trailer for '12 Years a Slave' will debut on screens July 5th before the film, 'The Way, Way Back'.


Barbara B said...

Can't wait for TYAS trailer. For me, this is the most anticipated movie ever. :-)

Vera said...

Agree with Barbara! although I think it will be difficult to watch indeed. The trailer as well as the film. And given that the trailer is as a rule a dense concentration of the film...we should brace ourselves!!! but still I think we are waiting for another McQueen masterpiece.

Simone said...

I forgot to mention that Steve McQueen has received an invitation as a Director, to join AMPAS. I don't know if he'll join, but I find it interesting that he was invited to join.

Not everyone who is invited follow through and join AMPAS.

Kim d said...

I've read some comment and some are saying that he applied to AMPAS. I'm not sure about that. I can't see McQueen doing that. I could be wrong. Maybe he's into changing things. I think someone sponsored him without his consent. I'm just guessing. 'shrug'

Michael loves them shorts. Love his laid back attitude to fashion. You can do that when you got everything else going on. He looks good in them shorts anyway.

Dionne said...

The camouflage shorts again, yes I think they are a favorite of Michael's.
I can't wait for the trailer ^^