Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Images from The Counselor

There are still nearly 200 film titles yet to be announced for TIFF, so I have my fingers crossed for The Counselor. I don't believe Ridley Scott has ever had a film at TIFF before, at least not in the 10 years I've been there, so The Counselor featuring a boat load of the hottest stars today, would be brilliant for TIFF. However, thanks to Christine K, she found a German website that has new images of The Counselor!

I must admit, Cameron Diaz is setting herself up to surprise the hell out of me. But, this is still Fassy's movie. It's irritating to see some articles about this movie saying this is a Brad Pitt film, and some articles not even mentioning Michael. The fuck? I knew this would happen, but alas, those are the ignorant MSM articles, they know not the power of Fassbender.

Source: Filmstarts


Barbara B said...

What awesome pics! :) Simone, come fall everyone will know the Power of Fassbender :)

Dionne said...

Some people are late catching Fassy fever, come October-award season I think a lot more people will catch the Fassy flu.

The Counselor looks amazing I can't wait to see it

Vera said...

Oh I just love Mr Fassbender in his suits. Indeed a well-tailored suit to a woman is what lingerie is to men. Especially if these suits are tailored to fit Mr Fassbender. Classy.

Maria Willis said...

I'm excited about this movie but not about Cameron's role--there is nothing she's ever done that has moved me.

He will be the highlight for me and Javier b/c of his crazy hair.