Friday, July 12, 2013

TGIF 712

Don't you get the feelin' he's looking right at YOU?
Another week has passed during this quiet summer in Fassyland! However, I did learn from Cinemablend yesterday, that X-Men: Days Future Past has two more months of filming in Canada. So that keeps Michael in Canada through at least early September. And you know what, that is very convenient because the Toronto Film Festival takes place starting September 5th! He'll have no problem at all traveling to Ontario to promote '12 Years a Slave', if it screens at TIFF.

It was brought to my attention by Dionne that things are so quiet in Fassbender related news, that the kids at Michael's IMDB message boards have created a Henry Cavill thread on Michael's board! That's not only disrespectful, LOL, but it's seriously fucked up. I like Henry too, but keep Henry shit on Henry's board. And speaking of messageboards, for variety and to engage with people who may not necessarily visit FF, I have created a profile at The Purse Forum. Now I have been visiting that community for several years, but I have never posted there. But since I am borderline obsessed with purses/handbags, nail polish, makeup, and girly stuff like that, it just seemed natural for me to finally create a profile there. I post as 'Fassfas', only later did I realize I made a typo and skipped the second 's', but, it is what it is and I have a nice 'Counselor' avatar of Michael. I have posted at the Michael thread, the Cavill thread, and in the cosmetics section.

In a way, I'm glad things are quiet at the present because it's good to relax a bit. But come late August and six months beyond, it's going to get a little crazy in Fassyland. I'm going to follow up with Limelight Impressions about the status of the shirts so that some of you can enjoy tank tops while it's still summer.

I'm reading an interesting book about Fandoms and it gave me the latest idea for a poll based on activities in two other fandoms that I have witnessed within the past month. If you're interested, check out this book: Fandom: Identities and communities in a mediated world / edited by Jonathan Gray, Cornel Sandvoss, and C. Lee Harrington.

TGiFassy!, and enjoy the weekend!


Myriam Cronk said...

TGiFASSY everyone! Simone, book sounds very interesting! Furthermore, will check out your site over at Purse Forum - I'm a spa junkie, and you're right, all that girly stuff is simply FUN! I'm in between deciding on 3 nail polishes right now, mani and pedi for later - ALL so pretty :) VERY excited to hear about status on tank tops - so to you as well, have a great weekend!!! Bless.

Simone said...

I don't have a site at purse forum, it's just a messageboard I started to post comments at.

Maria Willis said...

Makeup, purses, and shoes give me great joy (even if I wear scrubs five nights a week).

TIFF sounds like fun!

As for the Cavill thing, his fandom is very "dedicated". Aesthetically speaking, he has all the right features, but when I look at him it's akin to looking at lettuce *shrugs*

I hope y'all have a great weekend.

Kim d said...

I know Simone. I was like, "Why the HELL did someone start talking about Henry on Michaels board?! I'm confused. I guess it's because Henry's board went batsh*t crazy. Keep that sh*t over there. We'll have enough to deal with when Mike's movies are released. The trolls and youngins will be back.

Dionne said...

Haha. I agree with @Maria Willis, Henry's handsome but i'm not really a fan or anything so it was just weird to see that on Michael's page but to each their own I guess ;)

I think the Purseforum has a nice balance and the thread on Michael seems great. I don't think they have any unstable temporary "fans" like some other boards so, right on Simone.

TGIFassy everyone.