Friday, July 19, 2013

TGIF 719

Things picked up a little bit this week with the long awaited release of the TYAS trailer, and yesterday, we saw another trailer for The Counselor? Ya'll better start making plans to have someone watch over you in October because you're going to lose your damn minds with all the Fassyiness going on that month. Some of you are old enough, like me, to remember when theaters (at least here in the States) showed a Double-Feature. Basically, they showed two full-featured films back to back, but with a half-hour intermission. What I would give to see a double-feature of TYAS (Oct 18) and The Counselor (Oct 25) in one sitting.

And you know what, if you time it right, you could wait a week or two when both films are playing simultaneously in your town, and watch them both on the same day, at different theaters. But that would be dangerous the more I think about it because you won't be able to go to sleep at the end of the day. Too much Fassy stimulation. Or, like how those medicine packages warn your ass about driving a vehicle after taking it because you'll be woozy and stuff... you could suffer from the same shit if you watch two new Fassy movies in one day. Driving Under the Influence of Fassy may pose a danger to you and strangers. So, keep that in mind!

Here is the latest clip from The Counselor courtesy of

If you would like to read some spoilerish commentary about the TYAS script and the deets about a particularly brutal scene, go here. The writer does bring up a good point about Michael's, appearance.

There were some concerns regarding the casting of Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender, given the physical appearance of the despicable characters they may portray, who are hardly described as handsome in the narratives. One of those characters - a major one in the film - is that of Edwin Epps, the evil plantation owner who enslaves Northup for the latter part of his captivity.  As Tambay plainly put it, “Epps is your garden variety uneducated, ignorant, alcoholic, redneck asshole;” his character certainly fits that description in the script. Fassbender plays the ruthless Edwin Epps, a plantation owner; and although there are several of them in the script, Epps is the most prominent; it only makes sense that Fassbender’s rising star will be showcased here. And, to say the least, it will be extremely challenging for him, especially psychologically. The last thing you will think about when watching the film when it's released in a few months, is how charming or handsome Fassbender is.  <>... [It’s] described as horrifically as you can possibly imagine.

I don't know about you all, but it's hot as hell here in Michigan. I'm suffering from so many mosquito bites on my legs, that it looks like my legs have measles. I don't even want to go to yoga Friday night because my legs are pretty fair (think cafĂ© au lait with extra soy milk) and these blatantly red ass dots look like I need to be quarantined. It's been hovering around 101 degrees (heat index), and it's going to be hotter on Friday. On Thursday morning, my air conditioning unit literally exploded when I turned it on. I'm glad it happened while I was at home because if it happened while I was at work, I don't know if it could have caught fire and burned down my apartment and killed my cat. BUT, that didn't happen. Maintenance has ordered me a brand spankin' new AC, but it'll take a few days and like I said, this weekend is going to be brutal. Guess I'll be walking about the apartment ala Michael as Brandon in Shame.

TGIFassy! and keep cool!


Barbara B said...

I like the quote you posted Simone, I've seen some people ranting on Tumblr already that silly Fassbender fans will salivate over a character who's an evil a**hole. Well, from what I know about Michael's acting, the trailer & the book, I'm pretty sure this won't happen. Michael's so much more than a pretty face, and he will make his character believable and the story engrossing, I am sure, as he always does. :)

Vera said...

I read the book shortly after it was announced that Michael will be starring in TYAS, and the story is really awful. I mean the story of the man who gets deprived of his freedom and all the human rights. And several scenes are very brutal, with the scene of whipping of Patsey, the female slave mentioned in the article, on top of that. Frankly speaking, I am a bit uncomfortable with it and not sure whether I will have the guts to look at the screen at that moment.

I am sure the movie will turn out to be once in a lifetime devotion to the cruelty of slavery and will be a must-see for years to come.

There is one thing that worries me at the moment, and it is that I cant't find the date TYAS will be released in Russia. I really hope it will be, otherwise I will have to wait another eternity till the DVD release.

Simone said...

@Barbara, yes, I think the really immature fans who are busy stanning and slashing Michael with his male co-stars are not going to be prepared to see Michael in this role. I don't particularly enjoy watching films on the subject matter of slavery because it's just so emotionally cruel and hurtful. But, it's history and I don't avoid all films. I haven't seen Django Unchained, yet, but I will. However, I'm concern at snarky remarks by Tarantino fanboys who have called TYAS a cheap version of Django.

They are completely clueless because between the two, 12 Years is based on a true story, and does not have a comical/snarky nature to it. Also, I believe McQueen when he says that this movie is unlike any other movie on this subject, and that Michael's character will stand out from all other evil slave owners. He'll be in a horrible class all by himself,and that excites and unnerves me.

@Vera, I hope you are able to make a special trip to a nearby country for the weekend to see TYAS, I would hate for you to be denied seeing it for so long.

Vera said...

@ Simone:a cheap version of Django??? oooooh, only someone really clueless and out of his mind could have said that. I think every single one of us can come up with a thousand objections, so I won't even stat. Cheap version. OMG.

Maria Willis said...

ITA with Vera, I'm not here for comparisons being made much less calling 12YAS a cheap version.

There's nothing cheap about this story, especially given we are talking about a cinematic depiction of someone's life. McQueen has a gift for reaching his audience through film; Fassy has a gift of equal gift for breathing life into a character that was once nothing but words on a paper.

I am mixed parts anticipation and trepidation regarding this film; Chiwetel and Fassbender together in such opposing roles will be something to see certainly. Also, from the fans I follow on tumblr, everyone realizes this isn't the film to salivate over looks--this is a serious topic and that it's told through McQueen's eyes vs your typical whitewashed perspective makes it especially interesting for me, especially given Steve's no fucks given regarding critics.

You DO make an interesting point Simone, perhaps watching 12YAS and then The Counselor would be good, one dark film to balance the other; I reckon you're spot on about it being too much Fassy though :P

12YAS is one of those films I plan on watching and then letting the content sit with me (afterwards I'll probably cry listening to depressing music with tears down my eyes, I did the same for Monster).

I will not even lie, I shall be lusting and rolling my eyes at Cameron (who knows she could surprise me). I do know this much: anyone who fan girls over these Brad, Michael, or Benedict with no quality commentary over the content of this movie will get the boot for me--I'm not in the mood for that level of insincerity, especially given what is going on in the states these days.

Ah my poor Simmone about the ac *if I could hire a Fassy look like to waves fans in your directions all day I would* but alas work is slow and there IS only the one.

I'm in South Texas and I'm pretty sure the 9th circle of Hell in Dante's Circle would turn into the most disgusting slush pool to be seen; are you renting an apartment where it's taken care OR do you have buy your own? If you buy your own, make sure it's an energy savior and has a good warranty!

Dionne said...

TGIFassy everyone.

October will be a great month, I'm preparing myself now so that I won't overdose on Fassy goodness ;)

12 Years will be nothing like Django. Tarintino and McQueen have such different styles. 12 Years is based off of a true story and Django was fiction. I personally loved Django and it is one of my favorite films but comparing the two is just plain stupid.

I've seen people comparing the two saying 12 Years will be better and vice versa. I just roll my eyes and keep it moving.

The people who are fan girling are going to be in for a rude awakening. lol

Hupsakeek said...

LOL Simone....walking around like Brandon. I thought it was pretty hot here (81 F, is hot for The Netherlands) but Ann Arbor must feel like a Dutch Oven :-).
Wachting 2 films of Michael on 1 evening would be great fun but not if one of them is TYAS. History has taught me that a McQueen film has such an impact on me that I'm not approachable for at least 24 h.
Btw...I googled on the Malik film but could not find any info yet. Is there info available?

Simone said...

@Maria, since I rent an apartment, I just call building maintenance, they inspected the situation and ordered me a brand new Economic a/c. And they installed it this afternoon. So coming home with 95 degrees weather, it was a lovely surprise. I hate to think of how my cat would have fared over this weekend.

@Hupsakeek, I haven't heard anything on that Malick film... along with Frank, that is four Fassy films that we're all looking out for.