Monday, July 8, 2013

Vote for Michael as the Sexiest Movie Star at!

Vote for Michael as Sexiest Movie Star Man!
Empire Magazine has a new voting contest going on where they ask you to vote for your favorite Sexiest movie star. They don't give you names to vote for, you are in complete control to vote for Michael Fassbender as the #1 Sexiest Movie Star. In our world, Michael is all that and a Bounty bar (my favorite candy), but sometimes, the 'regular people' of the world, forget him because their attention is focused on the new flavor of the month or some other bland celebrity. So Michael needs our help! Go to Empire and select him as your Number One Sexiest Movie Star, and then you can list your other favorite celebrities.

Here is my vote:

1. Michael Fassbender - I don't need to explain myself here, do I?
2. Henry Cavill - Look, I've always known about the man and always thought he was gorgeous, but Man of Steel FORCED me to really recognize him.
3. Angelina Jolie - she is my pretend girlfriend, or, girl-crush.
4. Daniel Craig - He's not pretty, just ruggedly handsome and the best James Bond evah!
5. Chiwetel Ejiofor - Have you seen him in Kinky Boots? Any man who can be in that movie, is naturally sexy.

And just in case you need rememberin'


Myriam Cronk said...

Done!!! AND NATURALLY Michael is listed as #1 :) ♥

Dionne said...

I voted as well. Guess who was my #1? lol

Kruschelkasten said...

Ok here is my list (with comments):

1. Michael Fassbender (Shame would be to obvious but just for his Rochester in Jane Eyre he makes it to the top of my list)
2. Richard Armitage (North & South startet it and his Lucas North confirmed it)
3. Alan Rickman (for Dark Harbor and lately Gambit, well I should have mentioned his voice first)
4. Colin First (the lake scene in Pride and Prejudice is legend)
5. Hugh Jackman (here I'm not certain why, he just made it on my list)

LG Christine

Maria Willis said...


I know attraction is subjective but I don't understand people who don't find Fassy attractive.

Also, you have wonderful taste ;)

Simone said...

@Maria, I too wonder about that, but I think people just have different expectations and preferences when it comes to finding someone attractive. When I read the hater's negative comments about Michael, they cover the gamut in finding something 'wrong' about him. I wonder what those people look like, and who are the celebrities they do find attractive.

Anyway, to each their own and if a person doesn't find Michael attractive, that's their problem. :)

And thanks, I think I have great taste too. I'm a Libra and we have a talent for being particularly sensitive towards beautiful people and things. :)

Kim d said...

Yeees, of course it's Michael.

Vera said...

Only went to the country for a few days, and here's the vote for the sexiest movie star!!! why am I always being late for this stuff??? ))))))) added my vote to Michael's box ))))