Saturday, August 31, 2013

12 Years a Slave Standing O at Telluride (updated)

Here are tweets about the screening of TYAS tonight. Also, here is a link to the Variety review, it's startling, has some spoilers, but is absolutely brilliant.

Said a muted Fassbender after the screening, “It’s the first time I’ve seen the movie, and I’m a little taken aback.”

erickohn ‏@erickohn 46s
12 YEARS A SLAVE is a startlingly realized period drama, maybe the best movie about slavery ever. So help me, Ejiofer deserves that Oscar.

Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing 1m
12 Years a Slave - Phenomenal. A profound cinematic achievement on every level. Filmmaking at its finest. Chiwetel for Oscar. It's his.

eugenenovikov ‏@eugenenovikov 36s
12 YEARS A SLAVE (B) Set expectations to "straightforward." (But good.)

gregoryellwood ‏@HitFixGregory 8s
Powerful 12 years a slave appropriately brutal with a stunning turn by Chiwetel Ejifor which should earn him a best actor Oscar #Telluride

gregoryellwood ‏@HitFixGregory now
Michael Fassbender is the pure embodiment of slavery's evil in 12 Years A Slave. #Telluride

Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing now
There are scenes in 12 Years a Slave where just watching the face, the deep emotions and nuances of Chiwetel Ejiofor, will make you tear up.

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood 7s
Sad & ghastly as the story is, “12 Years A Slave “ is a humanist masterpiece & a slamdunk Best Picture contender right out of the gate.

Sasha Stone ‏@AwardsDaily 29s
Another powerful collaboration for McQueen and Fassbender. They make magic together. #Telluride

gregoryellwood ‏@HitFixGregory 4s
It's hard to think of any film that has so startlingly depicted the horrors of slavery as seen in 12 Years A Slave. #Telluride

Sasha Stone ‏@AwardsDaily 58s
Sustained applause for 12 Years and standing ovation.

Tomris Laffly ‏@TomiLaffly 4m
McQueen's camera fixates to brutal effect. 12 Years A Slave-harshest account of racism I've seen. Get ready USA-it'll hit in a big way. WOW!

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood 35s
Chiweitel Ejiofor is probably THE Best Actor contender to beat at this stage of the game. Who can beat him? Who could not vote for him?

Dan Zak ‏@MrDanZak 1m
12 YEARS A SLAVE = Masterful rendering of intolerable cruelty. Standing O for McQ, Ejiofor, Pitt, Fass & stunning Lupita Nyong'o. 

Travus White ‏@TravusWhite 1m
And apparently 12 Years A Slave is the first real horse in the Oscar race. Gravity screening well too. Can't. Wait.


Dionne said...

Yes, so happy for Chiwetel and the cast! Can't wait to see it for myself :)

Simone said...

I'm really impressed with the awesome tweet reviews. Tomorrow, we'll read more thorough reviews. But I want to steer clear of reading too much because I don't want spoilers.

Dionne said...

Oh yes, no spoilers. I've read the book but still I would like to be surprised as I heard the script was a bit different in some parts from the book. Also I will not get my hopes up as far as award talk goes just yet.

Hupsakeek said...

I think it's hard for me to stay away from the spoilers because in Holland it will play in december or so. But once again... a McQueen film is a film that stays with you. He is capable of bringing actors to a higher level.

Simone said...

Hupsakeek, if TYAS is playing in Amsterdam when I arrive in late December, perhaps we can see it together.

Vera said...

@Hupsakeek we will also get TYAS in December in Russia. And how are we going to survive these 3 more month of waiting???

I'm so much more excited after all these positive reactions. And I'm so glad that you will get it sooner in the US!!! waiting for a Fassbender/McQueen magic is the worst part. But it is always worth it!!!

Martha said...

Agreed Simone, I am drawn to any news about Michael. But I do worry about spoilers.