Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Everyone Will Know Michael Fassbender This Fall

Michael Fassbender at TIFF 2011.
It is not an easy task to plan trying to see, let alone meet, Michael Fassbender at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is not something one takes lightly, or even feel entitled to. Regardless of the many cool surprise fan meetings of Michael while he's out and about, that's just pure luck. But to try to meet the man through official channels, that's an entirely different thing. This is a very serious business prospect and only the credentialed and selected will be allowed the opportunity to have Michael's attention for a few moments.

As of this moment, one of Michael's October releases, '12 Years a Slave', will be shown at the 38th annual TIFF next month, and the full film list will be announced on August 20th. I will not be surprised if The Counselor made a surprise pop up on the roster, but, chances are low that it will be. But why not capitalize on Michael's popularity, especially since the films will open in theaters one week apart? Well, we'll see. A part of me would love the idea of a double Fassy Film Feature at TIFF like in 2011 (Shame and A Dangerous Method), but it would also be distracting and stressful. Be careful of what you wish for.

I have ordered my 'Keep Calm and Watch a Fassbender Film' black v-neck, I specially got this designed to wear at TIFF. Maybe it'll be a good luck charm. I will definitely wear it to the TYAS screening to show my support and promote Fassinating Fassbender. Remember, when you buy a FF 'Keep Calm' t-shirt, $5 of the sale go to support a small Autism Awareness fund managed by a Pearl Jam peer to help provide educational tablets to autistic kids.

Michael's name is still being foolishly touted around for that damn 'Fifty Shades of Porn' crap, and now, Michael's name is being mentioned to be the new Batman in the next Superman/Batman venture. Zack Synder is looking for a mid-40s and up dude to play a retired Batman with an attitude... Michael's too young, and plus, he's already Magneto. So, no to that. Anyway, with his name being in the headlines lately, people will really know Michael come this fall. 'Shame' upped his profile greatly, but it was from a film that not everyone saw. These two films coming out in October are as mainstream as you can get with a universal appeals (American slavery, and a corrupt greedy sexy lawyer), so these films will be seen by a lot more people and Michael will be known by everyone come November and beyond. This is a great time to be  Fassinator!


Dionne said...

By November there will be wide spread Fassy fever, I am preparing myself for it. Simone my fingers are still crossed for you to get lucky at TIFF ;-)

Simone said...

Thanks Dionne, I need all the luck I can get.

Hupsakeek said...

No Batman and no Christian Grey...I'm completly fine with that! I like it that after The Counselor and TYAS his next film in de theatres would probably be FRANK. I can't describe how I feel about that. To me that is showing how a down-to-earth kind of guy he is. Although I guess he can't set the realease dates of the movies, but I hope you know what I mean. He does major projects and minor projects, and I hope he will keep on doing that!