Tuesday, August 20, 2013

International Trailer for The Counselor

We see a lot more of Michael Fassbender's character in angst in this new international trailer for The Counselor. And later today, TIFF will release the film schedule. There will be some surprises, but I don't think The Counselor will be among them. And I'm alright with that because there is such a thing as Fassy Overdose at TIFF - basically, it's just too stressful and distracting, so I'm more than happy for just TYAS playing at the festival.

And in other film festival news, TYAS was not listed as one of the films to be screened at the New York Film festival when its announcement was made yesterday. As a high-profile film, it was noticeable, so that makes TIFF a true exclusive for TYAS.


Dionne said...

I love Michael's face of despair, like I really love it. lol
Simone you are right don't want to overdose on Fassy.

Barbara B said...

Dionne, I was actually thinking, his face in this trailer is bascially all spectrum of emotions between anxiety, fear and despair. I both love it and hate it (I wanna cuddle him LOL).
I am glad to hear Michael will make it to TIFF, Simone. Make sure you send him our love when you see him :)

Dionne said...

@Barbara B
This is true it is a mix of emotions and that is my reaction, to want to cuddle him.