Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marion Cotillard Will Play Lady Macbeth

Thank you Fassy Gods for giving us the glorious, talented, and beautiful Marion Cotillard to play opposite Michael Fassbender in MacBeth!!!! She should have been selected in the first place, sparring us migraine inducing eye rolls with the first choice.

First reported on Deadline  an hour ago.

Marion Cotillard Set to Topline MacBeth

French star Marion Cotillard, who won an Oscar for her performance in Edith-Piaf biopic “La Vie en Rose,” is set to take the leading role in Justin Kurzel’s “Macbeth.”  She replaces Natalie Portman who was announced for the part at Cannes.

Cotillard will play opposite Michael Fassbender (“Shame”).

One of Shakespeare’s most famous characters, “Macbeth” is the story of a fearless warrior and inspiring leader, set amid the war-torn 11th Century Scotland.

The romance-filled epic is produced by Iain Canning and Emile Sherman at See-Saw Films. The pair’s production credits include Oscar-winning “The King’s Speech” and “Shame.”

“Cotillard has proven extraordinary versatility through her stunning performances in ’La Vie en Rose’ and ‘Rust and Bone.’ Casting her as Lady Macbeth alongside Michael Fassbender will bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to the story of lovers pulled apart by war and ambition,” said Canning.

Added Kurzel, “(Cotillard) is one of the bravest and most compelling actors I have watched in recent years and I cannot wait to collaborate with both her and Michael in bringing to screen this very human and tragic love story.”

Developped by See-Saw and FILM4, the pic will go into pre-production at the end of the year. Lensing will begin  in January, in the U.K..  Studiocanal, which is “Macbeth”‘s majority-financier , along with FILM4, will distribute the film in the U.K., France and Germany; and will handle international sales.

Per Variety:


Maria Willis said...

This is the best news I've heard yet.

Simone, I read that Fassy has a production company, is that true? Also, he may have signed up for a new film with the director from PBH....

It's a western and cowboy Michael is relevant to my interests ;) Also, I saw your post about TIFF, your movie viewing schedule sounds amazing!

Dionne said...

YES! No offence to Natalie but Marion is simply the best!

Vera said...

Wow, that's great! I have been stunned by every single performance of hers I've seen so far. And she's just damn beautiful.

April said...

Hallelujah! That's the best Fassy news I've heard in weeks!

Anonymous said...

A very interesting choice. I'm not particularly fond of Marion Cotillard but I guess it's kind of my role to support actors from my country ;D

Simone said...

@Maria, yes, Michael has had his own production company for quite while now.

And yes Sorujaa, support your fellow French actor... as you see, a lot of us love Marion. xoxo

Kim d said...

I'm so happy that Natalie is out. Justin Kurzel(Snowtown Murders) is directing, I can't wait to see it. I'm hoping for the raw treatment.

If Cotillard drops out, my next vote is Samantha Morton.