Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pinning at FF Pinterest Board

In just over a year, the Fassinating Fassbender Pinterest community board has 868 followers, 52 pinners, and 5672 (at the time of this article) pinned images of Michael Fassbender related images. It's exciting to see how the board has developed in this short time, and now is the time to offer a reminder about participation at the board. When you find an image or video of Michael that you want to pin there, take a moment, or two preferably, to scroll through the board to see if that image has been pinned recently. It is counterproductive and annoyingly repetitive pinning the same image immediately after someone else. It can also be considered rude and impolite to take away attention from another pinner who pinned an image first and have comments become segregated in preference for commenting under the pin of a particular person. That does not promote good harmony in a community which should not be competitive in the first place.

There have been a handful of times when I found an image of Michael at tumblr or elsewhere and I wanted to pin it, but once I get to the board, someone else has pinned it. No big deal. So when you see that happen, don't re-pin, it's as simple as that.

I will delete re-pins as I have all the long. Please be mindful and respectful to those who pin an image first. Take the time and responsibility to review recent pins. Especially if you visit the board regularly, you should know which images have been pinned recently. There are a lot of repeat pins at the board, and for the most part, that's ok especially if a new edit of an image is being re-pinned months later, or the very same image is being re-pinned... many months later. Don't deliberately re-pin after someone else. Take the time to refresh the pinterest board if necessary to see if a new pin has popped up. If you happen to accidentally re-pin an image, be respectful and just delete it, period. But if I have to delete your re-pin, I'll give you a warning, and if you do it again, your pinning privileges will be revoked (temporarily or permanently).

Screenshot of Fassinating Fassbender Pinterest board.

If you would like the ability to pin at the FF board, please email me and I'll send you an invite.


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