Friday, August 2, 2013

TGIF 802

"If Michael Fassbender could bottle up his smile and give it away to all the sad people, the whole world would be a happier place!" - Fassbender Zen

This was a quieter week, but we were kept entertained with little bits of Fassy here and there. It's fun to think that in less that five weeks, I may be able to see that brilliant smile in person in Toronto (fingers crossed). Next week I'll buy my train ticket for seven fun TIFFy days. It'll be several more weeks before I learn if I got accreditation at TIFF.

BTW, according to Digital Spy, Ridley Scott will dedicate The Counselor to his brother Tony who died while Ridley was filming the movie.

And someone copied the tweets of @AVAetc after she saw TYAS recently. She was very, very moved by what she saw. She has since deleted her tweets, but, you know how valuable some obsessive Fassinators can be:

As I drove away from the studio lot, I found myself replaying words from the great Toni Morrison when she told Charlie Rose + #12YearsASlave
"Don't you understand, that people who do this thing, that practice racism, are bereft. There's something distorted about the psyche." +
That quote is what McQueen captures w/ such depth and nuance. Not the facts of slavery. The muscle and the bones of it. The diseased mind +
The diseased mind that made it so. That made it function. That made it flourish. Through Solomon Northrup's journey, we see his humanity +
And the true inhumanity of the people who perpetrated the most tragic of crimes. That's what I saw. The psychosis of slavery and racism. +
As far as the craft goes, John Ridley's screenplay is superb and uncompromising in its mission. Stellar and solid at every turn.

Well, that's it. TGiFassy!


Vera said...

TGI Fassy everyone and have an awesome weekend!!!

And I'm sure Simone that Fassy Gods will be merciful and generous and will bless you with another Fassy meeting!!! so we all will have fingers crossed for you!!! )))

Hupsakeek said...

TGIFF! I've all my fingers crossed for you, Simone. For meeting/seeing Michael at TIFF and for your accreditation. I can't wait to see some new pics of Micheal and Steve!!!I like their chemistry (and I like Steve :-))
To read This about TYAS is all I can wish for. A film that got you by the balls and lingers on in your mind. That's also why I love the two other Steve McQueen films. No judgement, observing en he let you do your own math. That's the way I like it.

Dionne said...

TGIFassy everyone

Simone you will meet him again if TIFF is as good to you as it has been previously ;)

The Counselor should be really special for all involved, it's great he's dedicating it to Tony :(

Kruschelkasten said...

Something to make you smile (and I hope you get the joke...)
I searched for "Fassbender" on the ITV TVGuide and one showing of "Angel" at RTE2 popped up. But instead of Micheal's real first name, the name "Heribert" precedes the family name in the cast.
As Fassbender/Fa├čbender is quite a common name in some areas of Germany it isn't unusual to have others in the media.
Well, the funny thing here is that Heribert Fa├čbender is a (now retired) popular German sport commentator who looks nothing like Michael (picture one of your sport hosts to star oposite Romola Garai)...
I hope you get it

Jhessye said...

God anybody who quotes Toni Morrison is awesome in my book. Or even quoting Nikki Giovanni. I totally think that Twelve Years as Slave will be excellent! Simone, I am happy that you are going to TIFF. I would love to be there as well but I am planning a big bicycle tour to the World Cup called One Love Ride. Say Hi to Fassy for me!! Yee haw! And thanks for the post! Cheers! Mate!

Kim d said...

I know of the Toni Morrison interview she speaks of. Oh, I'm even more excited. I hope I meet Steve in Toronto.