Friday, August 9, 2013

TGIF 809

Another week, another beautiful outtake from a photo session (Esquire 2012) that came to our attention this week. Whom can I contact to declare it unlawful to hide glorious "out takes" of Michael Fassbender? This makes no sense. Just look at that picture, it's so nice and so...inviting.

Well, I have two stokes in the fire in preparation to my 10th TIFF trip coming up soon, and I hope to have some good news on one or both in due time. One thing I have come to learn over the years is that patience really does pay off. You wait and hold off, other stuff come on the scene to make your wants and needs not a priority and you simply wait for the next most opportune time. That time has come and the stakes are higher. What's so mind-boggling is that a delusional fantasizing "fan" can concoct a false sighting about Michael Fassbender to a stupid, stupid paid-off gossip girl, and because she doesn't like Michael, she posts the delusional made-up lie, and dummies eat it up, and it's reported in the media. No pictures, no receipts, just words from a pathetic idiot.

Should I start making shit up about Michael to get hits too? No, I'm not desperate for attention, and I have morals, and self-respect (and respect for Michael). The good guys do come in last in many situations, and it's just my hopes that by being a good guy low on the totem pole, I have proven myself worthy to those who matter.

Anyway, just four more weeks ya'll! TGiFassy!

Just four more weeks Simone!


Vera said...

TGI Fassy everyone! have a nice weekend and try to watch something besides The Counselor trailer!!! )))))

Kim d said...

@Vera, I can't stop.

Simone, Fk LAMEy. She lives in a house build on jealousy and lies. She wants to be important. Just read between the lines.

Dionne said...

I agree with everything you said Simone! Some people will do anything for attention. smh

Only 4 more weeks indeed ;) Fingers crossed