Friday, August 16, 2013

TGIF 816

Thanks to Hupsakeek for pinning this, it is worthy for TGiFassy branding! xoxo

As I mentioned earlier this week, I placed an order for the Keep Calm and Watch a  Fassbender Film t-shirt, and it arrived the other day and is just perfect! Now I need to pair it with the right pants. Do I do jeans, khaki's, leggings, or my black leather pants? Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

My sister is getting married tomorrow, so I have to dress up like a lady on Saturday. Boo!


Barbara B said...

Black leather pants? That sounds intriguing and sexy! My vote is for the leather. :-P
Congrats to your sister :)

Vera said...

I would say khakis!!! but if you wear leather all boys will be yours))))))))

Congratz to your sister and have fun!!!

TGI Fassy everyone and have a nice weekend!!!

Dionne said...

If I wanted more attention I would so do the black leather pants. If I wanted to be more comfortable I'd do the jeans ;)
TGIFassy everyone

dianne said...

since i am a jean lover... i would suggest jeans! lol
have a great time at the wedding Simone and congrats to your sister! :)
have a great weekend ladies!!

Hupsakeek said...

Your question of what to wear made me think of a quote from Michael. Something about that he is attracted to confident women. So put on what gives you confidence and he is all yours :-) (and whit a bit of luck he will wear leather)