Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Brilliant TIFF Comes to a Close for me Today

I have one more film to watch at noon today before I leave Toronto on the 5:30pm train. In all, this was a very fun and successful, albeit stressful at times TIFF13. I am utterly happy with meeting my Fassy goal on Friday, and I continued on with the rest of the festival free to focus solely on my other 15 films. Later today at my Theatre of Zen blog, I'll list my top five films of TIFF13.

Based on your activities at the Pinterest board and your replies to articles here at FF, some of you really enjoyed watching Michael's time here in Toronto. On Sunday, we'll learn which film has won the coveted People's Choice award, and there is great speculation that '12 Years a Slave' will win it. If it does, this is the kind of PR that film needs to resonate with general audiences when its released on October 18th.

Chiwetel Ejiofor and girlfriend.

Steve McQueen and his wife (she was the one that gave him the TYAS book to read).
All three of these fine men deserve the top awards for their acting and directing in this most important historical film. Good luck to them in the coming six months.


Dionne said...

Here's to an eventful time at TIFF for you Simone and 12 Years a Slave's continued success

Kruschelkasten said...

Thanks for your coverage (and don't miss your train ;) )

Simone said...

thanks ladies, I'm glad you enjoyed the coverage. :)