Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary Fassinating Fassbender!

My time here in Toronto has made it slip my mind in remembering that TODAY is the blog's 5th anniversary! This blog update post comes late in the day, but it's still technically September 8th!

Five years ago after meeting Michael for the first time at TIFF, I was inspired to create this blog about him, and it's wonderful to still be inspired and motivated to keep Fassinating Fassbender going strong. And that's why it was doubly stressful for me to make sure that Michael received that t-shirt from FF on Friday, to mark this special occasion.

Thank you to all my friends and readers for making Fassinating Fassbender your primary destination for Fassbender related news. I just thought of a motto I want to incorporate into the blog and it is, 'Fassinating Fassbender, No gossip, Just the Fass!'... you know like, 'Just the facts', but it's Fass. No bullshit, just Fassbender news and info. Yeah, I know, you're shaking your head in pity for me, but it's the best I could come up with, and dammit, I like it! :p So I will be working with Hupsakeek to upgrade the banner and add on our new motto.

Here's to five, ten, twenty-five more years of Fassinating Fassbender! xoxo


Hupsakeek said...

Congratulations Simone for creating this blog and congratulations to all of us for being part of the FFF (last F is for Family or Followers).
And Simone the creative process is already started, keep me posted about the do and don'ts

dianne said...

Thank you Simone for creating such an amazing blog where we can get all Fassy news we need!
@Hupsakeek, can't wait to see the new banner!!

YAY for Fassinating Fassbender Family!! :-D

Dionne said...

Aww, it's been 5 years already? Happy Fassiversary everyone!

Simone, thank you so much for creating FF, if not for me running across this blog I would not be the proud and informed Fassinator that I am today. *virtual toast* May your Fassy Fever never be cured and may your days be Fassy filled for many years to come.

P.S. I actually like the new motto :p

Dionne said...

Congrats and long live Fassinating Fassbender!

Simone said...

I will try to download the video from Friday tomorrow (Monday)!

Barbara B said...

Simone, I will repeat what I said on Pinterest board: congrats and thank you for 5 years of dedication and hard work! Michael is lucky to have you as a fan :-)))
And I love the motto. :0)

Myriam Cronk said...


Happy 5th Anniversary!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication - You continue to provide sheer quality,integrity as well as professionalism – a gift. Your commitment is admirable and to be applauded for. I for one hope you continue to share this with us - BTW - LOVE the motto!

Martha said...

Simone thank you for creating this blog that we enjoy so much. You have created a great place for Fassy related news. Congrats on this success!

Simone said...

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I may be the founder and admin here, but FF would be NOTHING without all of you. Nothing! So thank you too!

@Myriam, we need to hook up in October to see The Counselor. I'll be in touch!

@Barbara, I don't know if Michael is lucky to have me as a fan, I just simply enjoy doing what I do and sharing it with people like you. xoxo

@Dionne, FF will live long and prosper.

@Dianne, it was so great meeting you here in Toronto. Thanks for being a new member of the FFF!

@Hupsakeek, thanks for helping out in your unique and creative way to push FF into a new visual direction.

@Martha, I'm so glad you enjoy the fruits of my labor here at FF.