Saturday, September 7, 2013

Michael Fassbender at the '12 Years a Slave' Press Conference at TIFF


Martha said...

So I was reading that some people are upset with Michael because of his answers. Where you there Simone? Lupita's outfit is so cute.

Oh one last thing, were people emotional as they were at Telluride Simone?

Simone said...

I did not go to the second viewing of TYAS. So I don't know about why people are upset. As usual, they don't know what the hell they are upset about.

I heard that a lot of people cried at Telluride. A lot of people were crying near me Friday night.

Hupsakeek said...

I heard that a lot of stupid question were ask at the Q&A. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see it because the "format" wasn't support on my tablet.
Like Barbara said on Pinterest: "Some people on twitter are already moaning about Michael saying he was trying to make Epps human and a tragic character."
This is something we expect to happen...I want to repeat what I answered to Barbara on Pinterest, because this is how I see it.
I (we) were afraid this could/should happen. If an actor try to explain the way he portraits his character, every word is one to many (IMO). The acting speaks for itself. A lot of people won't understand this film because they aren't used to this kind of films. Most of the time they get "ready to eat" stories/films and McQueen films are haute cuisine and Europese. You have to taste it and therefore chew every bite and experience all the flavors and structures in your mouth. The "food"is prepared with dedication and passion and that's what you taste. This "food" is satisfaction for the soul and it takes a while before you get hungry again in contrast to fast food. (sorry for the food synonym, but (for me) that's the easiest way to explain it).
BTW. Some people have a biased position, whatever you say or do will make no difference. I haven't seen the film, so it's difficult to check out were all the fuss is about, but I have a (very)strong believe in both Michael and Steve. They are not afraid to reveal sensitive subjects in their own way and proven twice that they (very)good at it and handle the subject with dignity.

Martha said...

Guess I'll have to see if I can find this interview and chech out what the fuss is all about.

It wouldn't be the first time people misunderstand Michael.

Uh oh, I am gonna cry for sure then.