Thursday, September 5, 2013

Off to Toronto for my 10th TIFF!

Well my day started off super sucky. Not only did I just barely got 3 hours sleep, in order to wake up at 3:30 to travel to Windsor to catch the train to Toronto, but I was 1 minute late and the train took off without my ass. Another passenger just missed it too. So I have to linger around the VIA Rail train station for the next train departing at 9:05. I'm such a fucking idiot at times... but, at least I have free wi-fi and I was able to polish my nails at 6:30 am with the new Revlon color stay in 'Red Carpet' (twitter image).

I'm still working on the Fassy Strategy, I have two instances and I just hope all works out. He is so busy, so popular, and in such great demand that it is taking a lot of patience and diplomacy in trying to snag an exclusive, but I'm still working on it, and all your positive vibes and energies will be much appreciated.

I will update the blog while in Toronto, but Dionne and Barbara are for the most part, holding down the fort and Dionne will be helping to update the blog with late breaking news and images.



Agnieszka W said...

You have no idea how I envy you, I share the "Oceans" from Canada, I do not know if I'll ever have the opportunity to be at the premiere of a film with Michael, dream about it .... maybe in London or in Berlin. Until then, it remains for me nothing more than a carefully track your blog.
Nails came out great, and the train do not worry, here in Poland late for a train that you can forget about the next, communication with us is a tragedy.
Good luck at the festival and look forward to reports
I greet

Simone said...

Well, if you start planning to visit the london film festival, perhaps you'll see him there.

Thanks for your support!

Barbara B said...

Send good vibes and stuff, Simone! Lovely nails :) Have fun dear :)

Dionne said...

I'm sending you all the good vibes girlfriend. Finger crossed ;-)

Hupsakeek said...

It's all clear to me'll need a PA and I'll volunteer for the job :-).
With your nails in the right color there is only one place to be. Next to mr. Sex on legs at that red carpet to get some exclusive time with him. I can't send more good vibes your way, because that will cause a tsunami.
So I hope you get the chance to show him your red nails :-)