Friday, September 20, 2013

TGIF 920

I needed a few days off from heavy Fassy related stuff, especially in light of all that I have been doing in the past three weeks. So this TGIFassy, we learn that 'Slow West' is Michael's next film venture that will be filmed in New Zealand, which is pretending to be Colorado. This will be Michael's first Western film. And as soon as that ends, starting early next year, he'll start working on MacBeth, and then after that Assassin's Creed. Michael either have some bitch bills to pay, or some kid(s) we don't know about, or he just simply loves working back to back to back. And let's not forget that he still has a lot of promotion to do for 12 Years, and The Counselor!

Whatever film Michael is working on, wherever he is on the planet, I guarantee you that he will be on the radar for the next six months, so I beg you to not get Fassbendered out, the fun is only starting!

In the email newsletter sent out this weekend, I reminded folks about the Keep Calm t-shirts and one reader ordered hers almost immediately after reading the newsletter and here's what she has to say:
Hi Simone-
I got an email saying my Tshirt had been sent out on Tuesday and I got it today!!!! Very fast! Of course, Limelight is based in Wisconsin and Minnesota is only 1 state away!
I got it in kelly green and it says: 'Keep calm and Put Fassbender On'!!! 
Thanks soooooooo much!!!!!

Thank YOU Gabrielle! She got the same style I got! So, buy yours too and show your Fassy pride!



Kruschelkasten said...

Ok, I'm in New Zealand in November, keeping my fingers crossed ;)


Myriam Cronk said...

TGiFassy everyone!!! Raining cats and dogs here in my zone - Simone, I have 5 t-shirts and proud :) Have a blessed day everyone! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Dionne said...

TGIfassy you guys. Busy Fassy is always busy ;)

Martha said...

Don't forget Frank and the X-Men movie promotions! Happy weekend everyone!

Simone said...

I haven't forgotten those, they both are much further down the pipeline. I looking at the next 5-6 months.