Saturday, September 7, 2013

Third Time Fassy TIFF Encounter!

Well my friends, I write this at 1:15 am, Saturday morning to tell you that TIFF Mission: Fassbender was a great success! I have so many pictures to share with you, taken with two different cameras, and an 8 minute video, all from the front row of the Princess of Wales Theatre. Although my neck is still sore from being so close to the stage, it was all worth it because as you see from the exclusive Fassinating Fassbender image above, I was close to Michael Fassbender. In fact, I could not have sat in a more perfect spot. Of all the cast members of 12 Years a Slave that were up on the stage, along with the director, producer, and writers, Michael came out on stage and stood almost directly in front of me.

That's Fassinating Fassbender karmic magnetism working there. That is something I choose to believe in my current state of elation, while coming down with double dose of sugar from Timmy Horton's, and some 'hippie herb' from my host's private stash. I deserve these treats after today.

To make a long story short, I have been working with Michael's agency to try to snag an interview with Michael, and try as they could, his TIFF experience was very, very hectic and I just could not be squeezed in. Oh well, that will just mean I'll have to wait a while longer for my face to face. So although I was bummed out about that, being the persistent and determined person that I am, I knew that if I just position myself, I will be able to provide my readers with exclusive images and great insight into the world premiere. Also what many of you were not aware of, it was my intentions to present to Michael, some how, with his very own 'Keep Calm and Watch a Fassbender Film' black v-neck t-shirt, just like mine.

I wore my t-shirt today and I got so many compliments and stares, it was so funny and cool! So I knew that if Michael saw this or if I had the chance to give it to him, he would enjoy it. So to cut to the chase, after the movie (full review tomorrow), the entire cast came back out on stage, but this time, it would just be the moderator asking a few general questions, and the microphone would be passed around amongst the cast. This lasted about 8 minutes, and I know this because I asked the nice lady sitting next to me to use my Flip video camera to record the discussion, while I used my two cameras to take pictures. Yes, I'm a pro-multi tasker and know how to shimmy up to people to will to my commands. LOL!

After the discussion concluded, the paparazzi rushed up to the stage for more close ups and I was right there next to the pap dude. He asked Michael to stand right 'there' as he had two of his female co-stars stand with him. I was trying to take a picture at this very moment because Michael looked so smart and handsome... me and the camera stuttered because all I got was Alfre Woodard's thigh. As soon as he was finish posing with the ladies, I yelled 'Michael!' and I pointed to my t-shirt, smiled at him as I handed to him his own t-shirt and I said, 'Remember me, I'm Simone of Fassinating Fassbender, enjoy your t-shirt', all while I was pointing to my shirt to let him know that's what he had. He smiled so much at me that his eyes crinkled, and then winked at me, and gave me a beautiful sharky smile and mouthed 'thank you'. I say he mouthed it because in all the chaos, and even though he was 4 feet away, I couldn't hear him, or maybe the adrenalin in my body shut down my hearing abilities. But it meant so much to me to given him personally, and directly, his own KC Fassinating Fassbender t-shirt. I think I will faint if I saw a picture of him wearing it.

I took my Fassinating Fassbender business card and wrote on the back, 'Dear Michael, since you like wearing black v-neck shirts, I hope you enjoy this exclusive t-shirt celebrating Five Years of Fassinating Fassbender. We owe it all to you. Hugs, Simone'. I hole punched it and pulled some strong string through it so that I could safety pin it on the neck line of the shirt. It was situated just like a price tag on clothes. It was gently folded in a way that was easy for him to grab from me and neatly hold in one hand. The lady who videotaped for me, captured the moment of him leaning down towards me to collect the shirt, and you see it in his hands (evidence!). Ha ha!

The all day migraine, the dreadful and stressful feeling that I was going to fall short on this encounter, and just being tired from the previous day drama, was all worth that 15 seconds of time when Michael and I had eye to eye contact, he remembered me, and he graciously accepted the t-shirt gift.

I'm exhausted right now but I couldn't go to bed without letting you guys know that I hit the jackpot. More pictures will be revealed in the next 24-48 hours, and the video needs to be edited because I had a fangirl moment on the camera after I gave Fassy the shirt without knowing the camera was still rolling. LOL! So I'm going to spare myself embarrassment and edit that silly shit out. :-)

Thank you all for your positive vibes that I know you sent, and I received them and put them to good use in being focused and determined to remind Michael that Fassinating Fassbender still has his back and love him very much.

ps. I met Dianne S of the Pinterest community, and just so you know off the bat, I grade 12 Years a Slave an A+. Michael's character was a horrible motherfucker. But, he was a handsome horrible motherfucker.



Dionne said...

YES!!! So happy for you Simone, you accomplished your goal and got a wink and smile to go with it. That's a slam dunk. Michael is such a handsome man in real life so I can imagine how you fan-girled afterwards. lol

Nice picture you got of him and what a great way to multi-task. I knew you would be successful as usual and giving him the shirt was the icing on the cake. You made all of us at FF proud once again. <3
You rock Xoxo

Maria Willis said...
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Hupsakeek said...

Simone...I'm sitting here reading your blog and grinning to my computer. This is some well deserved for you. Can't wait to read and see more

Barbara B said...

Wow wow wow Simone! Kudos on the multitasking and not losing your head! This is aweseme and I can't wait for more pics/ the video/ the review. x0x0x

imaphibi said...

Wow, you love "12 years", it's a good news. Waiting for pics and your review xoxo

Jhessye said...

Simone that is beyond frickin awesome! I am so happy that you got those fifteen seconds. Oh yeah, those fangirl moments. When I met Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle, I was so nerdy!! WOOOO! I am so proud of you. Your persistence and hard work is paying off. I hope to see him wearing the shirt as well. Yeah!! 12 Years a Slave, looking forward to seeing it. Thanks so much!!!!

Martha said...

I am just giggling here reading about this encounter. How awesome for you. If he winked at me I would be so "fangirl". You should post the video of yourself. Who cares how you look. It would be so cute.

What a nice lady that held the camera. Too bad you did not have an exta t-shirt. She so deserves her own. Everyone looked so nice. Lupita's dress is beautiful.

Can't wait till I see this. I better finish reading the book. I had to put it down it was too sad.

Enjoy the rest of TFF. Be safe.