Sunday, September 1, 2013

TYAS Comes out of Telluride as a Hit!

I know I said I don't want to talk Oscar stuff until October, but based on a variety of reports all this weekend from the Friday and Saturday showings of '12 Years a Slave', it is on pace to be THE film to watch this fall and keep an eye on it's Oscar hopes six months from now. Read this article at Deadline for some industry speculation.

Meanwhile, enjoy the last images of Michael at Telluride.


Dionne said...

Michael looks like he had a blast and I can't say enough how ready for TYAS I am.

Vera said...

All I could think of was what a gorgeous sweater and how it shows off one gorgeous neck under it. Shame on me. I should focus on the film implications but I could not resist))))))))))))

Hupsakeek said...

Oh my oh my....this feels like christmas for me. Thanks for this Simone. You cannot imagine how good this is for me right now. And be carefull in Toronto..because this man is a "danger" for your health :-)

Jhessye said...

You met him right? Yes this man can be a danger to your health. Fassyed out? Does this even exist?
All I know is that is awesome. Simone thank you so much for posting as always and I hope you are having fun volunteering at that Zen center! Cheers to that!!!