Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Box Office Battle of the Fassies!

Never in the eight year history of Fassbenderdom has Michael Fassbender had TWO films out at theaters at the same time! Since last Friday, Michael's supporting role of a cruel slave owner in 12 Years A Slave has been shown in select cities - and although it is in limited release because it's an independent "important" Oscar contender film, it is being rolled out slowly in the US and then expanding elsewhere (it will show in Ann Arbor on Nov 1st at the Michigan Theater, and I'll be there with friends after dinner). And as of this coming Friday, Michael is in the lead role of the nameless, sexy ass The Counselor, which will open to wider release. So in essence, although TYAS has been "released" a week earlier, most people will see The Counselor first before they see TYAS.

Whichever film you see, you're still getting your Fassy Fix! If you were smart and prepared for this double-feature event and ordered a 'Keep Calm' fassy themed shirt, you would be pimpin' into your local theater showing the world why you are the theater. But we all can't be Type A Fassaholics. Anyhoo, I have created two new polls to permit you the opportunity to grade the films. I will be going to see The Counselor with Myriam on Saturday, and I will try to post my review on Sunday.

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Myriam Cronk said...

2:30PM is the MAGIC moment!!! Sitting on pins and needles!! Can't wait - see you maƱana Simone!!! WOO HOOOooooooooo ♥