Monday, October 21, 2013

Fan Reaction to 12 Years A Slave

Well, what did you think about it? Some of you in the select cities that 12 Years a Slave opened this weekend saw it. Please share your views of the film here, and don't hold back, be honest. Based on some comments I have read from people who really aren't fans of Michael Fassbender, but hang out around the fandom to cause headaches and gossip BS, are using Michael's comments about his Edwin Epps character and holding his OPINIONS against him as yet more ammunition to publicly diss him. And get this, these very people haven't even see the film! In any event, I'll put a poll up later today asking you to rate TYAS, but meanwhile, post your review here or just post a quick comment.

According to Deadline, TYAS was a hit in its specialty limited release box office.


dianne said...

I went to see it this Sunday, I went alone so I could appreciate the movie 100%, and I thought this movie was amazing in spite of all the cruelty. Steve McQueen did a marvelous job showing the life of this man, I didn’t read the book so I would be surprised by watching the movie, but last night I did start reading the book and I read almost half of it. The journey of this man left me speechless, I don’t have words that explain how I felt watching this movie… specially in the end I left the cinema with this not in my throat like it was me in that scene…

All actors that participated in the movie were amazing, but I take my hats off to 3, Chiwetel, Lupita and Michael. Three different actors that portray completely different stories but all amazing! If this movie goes to the Oscars these 3 should win one… and if they don’t I don’t know who should.

Michael’s character… Epps, he is quite a character, he made me giggle sometimes…but most often he gave the chills. There were some parts that you can see the evil in that mans eyes (that’s how good Michael is as an actor).

Overall what I saw in the theater, some people didn’t react to certain scenes, others cried, twisted and turned in their seats… Each person will see this movie differently, I’m a empathetic person, it was pretty hard to watch, and I left the theater speechless. I will definitely recommend this movie to everyone I know, as well as the book. It’s a must see, and I think it’s wrong that this movie is only showing in such few theaters.

nanna said...

I'm not someone to bully michael fassbender, as a matter of a fact i'am his fan, Shame it was a baby to years ago and know just know how to walk and speak with own voice and hunger grown enough to influenciate a generation and, but what i miss it a movie about the french revolution as it turned out, unfortunately this is still a camp that requires a lot of research, i wish a good luck for Mr. fassbender, all the best Jordana.

Martha said...

I saw 12 Years on Saturday. I asked my sister to come with me because I can't drive in heavy traffic. I had read the book and I've been listening to interviews and such. I am a very sensitive person and I was glad I read the book because I think it helped me not to be a mess.

The movie was wonderfully made. Hats off to Steve McQueen. Chiwitel did a phenomenal job. What a wonderful movie that was brought to film.

The plantations are so beautiful, the landscape is such a contrast to the terrifying ordeals of the humans. I completely understand what Michael says about the character of Epps.

If these critics just bother to see the movie they will understand. I actually felt sorry for Epps. I don't think he was loved by one single person. Certainly he was not respected. Uncle Abram was more loved than Epps would ever be.

I did not pay attention to other viewers. I was thoroughly engrossed. I did hear crying mostly during the Patsey scene. My sister said the toughest part for her was when Solomon leaves. He leaves while everyone else stays behind. I discussed with her as we were leaving that Epps provably was violent with the ones that were left behind as a result of loosing Solomon.

Two women in the bathroom discussed that they liked it. One of them who looked about 70 only knew Brad Pitt and said he did a good job. She was so cute. On our way to the car a man talked to us about it. He thought that the graphic scenes were too much. I told him that we know what happened but we really don't know until we see. And even then we will still not fully know.

Schindler's List was also graphic and I don't recall people complaining about that. Maybe they did, I just did not pay attention. In any case I have a problem with gratuitous violence. In historical films, we need to be accurate no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.

I will see it again when it gets wide-release. I may drag another sibling or cousin or two. Watching this film really has me thinking about modern day slavery. It is still alive. We see a film like this and many of us think that was then. But no, humans continued to treat other humans like this. That is the real tragedy here.

Martha said...

What a wonderful STORY that was brought to film...

I meant to say