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Michael Fassbender German Interview: Freundin

This is a new German magazine interview, a women's interest magazine I think. Thanks to Christine for bringing this to our attention. This is a German to English translation, so keep that in mind if some wording appears odd.

In Conversation with Michael Fassbender

"My ego got carried away"

Sex addict, slave driver, gangster: Michael Fassbender is the man for the abysmal and one of the hottest favorites for the Oscar. We wanted to know how the German-Irish man is in his privatelife. An intimate interview (sorry not my words)

What actually happens in the mind of Michael Fassbender? The 36-year-old seems to take on roles only when it is certain that he can play a really broken character. Through his portrayal of a limited likeable sex addict (in "Shame") he became a star. Now as a lawyer in "The Counselor" (Start (in Germany) : 28.11.13 ) he sinks deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld. And in January, he will be spreading fear and terror in the drama "12 Years a Slave" as a ruthless slave driver on German cinema screens. Therefore, back to the original question: How ticks Fassbender? The first impression: The man is extremely friendly and accommodating. He asks the interviewer not only about his health, but tops up the glass even if it is still half full. He has also a very engaging smile, and on top of that he looks in good shape. Just like one would elect ( as the U.S. magazine " Esquire " just did) into the top ten of the hottest men on the planet.

Mr. Fassbender, do we need to be worried about you? This constant descent into mental abysses must leave some marks.
No, and I don’t use it as therapy or something. That would be perverse. I visited only once in my life for an hour a psychotherapist. That was not my cup of tea. These roles are  exhausting, no question. But I feel myself relieved afterwards.

What do you do to get down?
I ride on my bike. Or I surf. I have recently started that. What must have looked pretty funny for the people on the shore. But I relax best when driving go-karts. Although I did not really master it. But that makes the difference I have to concentrate every second not to build an accident. It has a meditative effect.

At the upcoming Academy Awards you are classified again as one of the favorites. Like in 2012. At that time...
... I was not even nominated. That really annoyed me. After I got all kinds of awards and nominations for "Shame", my ego got the better of me. What is nonsense because such prices are not awarded according to objective criteria like in sports. By now, I have a healthier attitude. I am happy if the audience likes my film.

What does success mean for you?
That I need not to agonise about money. In the past, and that's no joke, on some days I could not even afford the subway.

What for are you willing to spend a lot of money?
For trips, that are important to me. Otherwise, I 'm thrifty.

Even with clothes?
I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to fashion. My motto is: comfortable. I feel at ease in tracksuit as well. However, tailored suits have the advantage that I look smarter. And probably you have more success with women.

The "Esquire" magazine is celebrating you again as a sex symbol. But there seems to be not steady partner in your life currently. No interest?
Yes, sure. It's always nicer as a pair. Everything is more fun, you get to know yourself better, is evolving. Right now I 'm probably just too selfish. This is also in the job. Sometimes I fall of the face of the earth for some weeks. Even my best friends do not get to see me then.

What do you find most attractive in women ?
Are we talking about the body? There is actually nothing I do not like. The neck, the shoulders, the clavicle, the wrists. I love everything about women.

If you don’t have a woman at your side – who supports you in hectic times?
My family in Ireland. I miss them very much at the moment because I am constantly away. Not having them around was the worst side effect for me when I moved to London because of my acting. When we sit together and talk until morning - that's the feeling that I need to survive.

You have a German father, were born in Heidelberg and moved at the age of two with your parents to Ireland. How strong is your German side?
I can still understand the language, but speaking German? It is embarrassing. It was even as a child. But I regularly visit, I have a few aunts and uncles along with some cousins in the area of Hildesheim.

What do you like about Germany?
Schnitzel with Sauerkraut, that the trains are on time and the German sense of humor. The people abroad do not realise how funny you can be. And as far as I can tell, you have a relaxed attitude to sex.


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Hi Paul, the name of the magazine is Freundin.

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Thanks Simone! There will be either one in December issue of "Cover", out on 23 Nov. I guess I will buy it.

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