Friday, October 18, 2013

TGIF 1018

It's amazing what one little photo shoot can do to keep us busy talking about Michael this week! This picture from the GQ interview is a standout favorite because Michael looks long and lean, and he's in mid-air and you see a little bit of his underwear. It's so noticeable, that the GQ editors tell you what it is: Boxer Briefs from Under Armour (see below).

Just pretend this is Michael, ok?
I don't know about you, but, I'm gonna keep this nice and clean no baby arm snark, but yeah, those are a good pair of underwear for our boy. Uh-huh. It's funny that he needs to wear something called Armour. Well, perhaps this is a calling... Marky Mark did it back in the 90s for Calvin Klein briefs, why not Michael for Under Armour for 2013? I'll leave you with these thoughts for the weekend...


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Martha said...

The TGIFASSY picture for this day makes it seem as if Michael has really huge feet! Ha, ha.

As far as the picture of the boxers, I don't think it's meaningful if he's wearing them and we can't see them. LOL.