Friday, October 4, 2013

TGIF 104

Apparently there may be an embargo on posting reviews of The Counselor after its screening last night in London. A few tweets have mentioned that it's great, it's fully of sexy people, and that Michael Fassbender was brilliant. Well, that's good, but we need more info. However, for the time being, it's TGiFassy! day and let's continue to enjoy new pictures of Michael from the blue carpet last night.

BTW, I started a new thread at the Awards Watch forums to discuss The Counselor there. They are pretty on top of things there and will eagerly post reviews and such as they become available.



Carla Bianchi said...

Adoro Michael e auguro a lui tutta la felicità sia sul lavoro che nella vita. Il suo sguardo è meraviglioso e sono certa che fa sognare tante tante donne (anche quelle non più giovanissime) Ciao Michael

Hodgepodge Shop said...

Are there any reviews of The Counselor after its London premiere? Thanks!

Simone said...

There is a press embargo on reviews at the present. London's showing was a special screening. But a few mild tweets have been very positive. Full reviews will come out closer to the film's release date of October 25th.

Dionne said...

Oct 25 can't come soon enough.