Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lovely Fassy Images from October 3rd Photo Session

A lot of visitors came by today looking for something else I reckon, but nope, I just have regular old fashioned G rated gorgeous images of Michael Fassbender up in here. And it looks like the current article at the Daily Mail got people gossiping again too. Well, enjoy these lovely images from early October in promotion for The Counselor for the time being.

I like this one a whole lot!


Martha said...

I like all of the photos in this set, but I agree with you. There is something about that picture.

I wonder what those people were looking for? Ha, ha. I'm sure Michael and his father appreciate the "G" around here. Had not looked for new Fassbender news since last week and this is what greets me. SMH!

Vera said...

Oh god oh god oh god oh god!!!why does he do this to us?)))))
I like the pic you liked and the first one.