Friday, November 8, 2013

TGiFassy 1108

Michael couldn't catch a break this week with the gossip and speculation. Just one glance at his Google Alerts of the past 48 hours just makes you shake your head into unconsciousness. Also, since it's November, the Oscar chatter has officially commenced and some dare speculate that although 12 Years a Slave pretty much has the Oscar in the bag, in regards to the acting, Michael may be the only one who won't win. Yes... some think that his performance of Edwin Epps is polarizing, so brutal, and based on a real person, that the academy might prefer to give the Oscar to the film's other two stars, and in the supporting category, spread the love to an actor in another film. Apparently the academy feels more comfortable awarding performances of evil characters that are based on fictional evil people, not real evil people. Can you believe this shit? Maybe it's just hater talk, but I'm really just too busy with work and classes to get upset with such silly opinions. But it's only going to get worse, and the gossip, the speculation, the lies, fantasies and exaggerations about Michael will only increase from on out.

Meanwhile, more folks will be exposed to the phenomenal actor named Michael Fassbender as 12YAS rolls out to over 1100 theaters on Friday, allowing the rest of ya'll in the states to see this brilliant film. I was told by a co-worker last week who saw TYAS the night before, that, "the actor who played the evil slave owner was courageous". I later told her that Michael was my favorite actor. So people are definitely noticing Michael from his performance in TYAS. As of this moment, at Metacritic, 12YAS has garnered 34 100 scores, a record! Its metacritc score of 97 is a testament as to how critically acclaimed this film is. It's no wonder a few notable films that were scheduled to be released this Fall were curiously moved to next year in order to have a better chance at Oscar in 2015. It's in the tea leaves that 12YAS will win big on Oscar night next March.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a great time to be a Fassinator, and having one reliable website to come to and share your fondness for Michael with mature like minded fans from all over the world!



Vera said...

TGI Fassy everybody and have a nice weekend!!!

Hupsakeek said...

TGIFF. And yes, it's a great joy to know that there is a blog/site with no bullshit on it :-).
The Oscars... I said it before, for the ones who recieve it it means a lot of publicity and it's good for their career, but often I don't understand the choices of the Academy. My reaction is often "really?? Does he/she or that win?" For me counts the festival awards. They are not so narrow minded and look with a different eye.

It's great to be a fassinator! In the Netherlands they are showing commercials for the counselor (nov 14th on screen) and collegues and friends are asking me if "that is THAT Fassbender guy" :-) And you know what's funny? I'm feeling proud, like a mother haha.