Friday, December 20, 2013

TGIF 1220

TGiFassy! - Michael throwing shade back at Leto.
This gif from Michael's GQ summer photo shoot sums it all up in response to Jared Leto's comments about Michael and Joaquin Phoenix not feeling comfortable with the Oscar chasing silliness. His "it's kind of ridiculous to complain" comment is about the Oscar sucking up aspect in the process to be nominated and subsequently winning the coveted prize was directed back at Michael when Jared was asked a question. Because this opportunity may be Jared's only time to be worthy of obtaining a nomination, he's going all out in participating in promoting himself, and mocking those who don't subscribe to his kool-aid drinking philosophy of enjoying all the pomp and bullshit surrounding these awards. Read the full Huffpost article here. I'm not hating on Jared because I enjoyed his performance very much, but he needs to chill from this moment on in throwing shade onto Michael (publicly dissing someone). Little does he realize that such an attitude can deflate whatever lead he thinks he has. If I can say one thing about AMPAS is that they love, just love shocking people with their nominations and eventual winners. One thing about sharks is that they sneak up and eat the competition when their guard is down.

BTW, it has been announced that Michael will appear on the Graham Norton Show on January 17th. I'm sure this show will be more fun for Michael and that's probably why he was invited back.


ps. I am done with Grad school, I cannot believe it, I can't. It'll sunk in eventually. I will graduate this Saturday. I may post a picture of me in my cap and gown as evidence! :D


St├ęphanie said...


Simone said...

Thank you Stephanie!

Kruschelkasten said...

Congratulations from me as well


Simone said...

Thank you Christine!

Anonymous said...

Leto just stated an opinion after *they asked him to*. He's absolutely right,though, to complain for this kind of thing IS OBJECTIVELY ridiculous and, no, this is not the only time he has been 'worthy of obtaining a nomination' but for sure he has had enough disappointments and bad experiences to know how to be appreciative and grateful towards something that people who did not struggle to reach some kind of recognition think is a given. I actually respect him for it , if you believe in a project you campaign also to make people aware of it and you should be happy to see people take notice and celebrating it whether you will get a nom at the end or not. The point though is that as far as I'm concerned what Michael meant and said was different from what has been said to Leto. Kudos to the interviewer, he know what Jared's view about those things was (since he had already expressed it - even before the campaign) and managed to create a story. Good job Camilleri =.= .

BTW Congratulation :)

Simone said...

@l0stinadaydream, I understand what you're saying and that's why I'm not hating on Jared. I understand the essence of his comment, but it's still a bit crude and 'throwing shade' at two actors he doesn't know and hasn't worked with (to the best of my knowledge). The journalist threw him a curve ball, he caught it, and threw a curve ball himself. Now this comment will be repeated throughout the entire award season. So, we'll see how it plays out.

Thanks for the congratulations.

Vera said...

Oh congratz Simone!!!
May your graduation be a start point for something completely new in your life!!!

Simone said...

Thank you very much Vera! xoxo

Anonymous said...


« it's still a bit crude and 'throwing shade' at two actors he doesn't know and hasn't worked with »

well I guess we have to agree to disagree on this point since I don't see his words as crude or in any way 'disprectful' toward Michael/Phoenix. They have been strumentalized and twisted (I mean saying that it's ridiculous to complain about something doesn't equal to say that someone is ridiculous or an idiot or whetever - and yet this is one of the most used headline *smh*) but if he hadn't answer than they'd started to call him an hypocrite/insincere they'd accused him to play nice just because one of the person mentioned is his current 'rival'...etc etc *sighs*

«Now this comment will be repeated throughout the entire award season. So, we'll see how it plays out.»

gosh... as fan of both this situation is so frustrating. This race will be the death of me XD

Martha said...

What a great way to start 2014 Simone Congrats and Have a safe and fun trip. It's cool you met a lot of people because of this Fassbender guy. He is a uniter. :)

Now onto this campaign thing. I won't say anything negative about this Leto fellow because I have never read any of his interviews…

I for one feel campaigning for either a nomination or an actual award defeats the purpose of it all. If you can't win based on your performance then do you really win? As Steve McQueen has stated. "Michael's performance is his campaign".

This campaigning thing is just a joke. I mean the voters more often than not pick a person who has made the rounds and not the person who actually should have won. I find myself saying over and over as I watch TV during the awards season. WHAT!

I don't know why I subject myself to this, over and over, every single year. Maybe part of me hopes they get it right that year. I know I am not a film critic and such but I know what moves me when I see it. Some performances I even wonder why that actor was nominated in the first place.

the end

Martha said...

May I also say that, I know smoking is BAD for you but Michael sure looks appealing to my eyes in this little clip. Sigh…

I'm gonna have to bookmark this post to come and look at it whenever I have a bad day!