Wednesday, January 15, 2014

GoldDerby Predicts 13 Oscar Noms for 12YAS

The handsome cast of 12 Years a Slave
The Oscar pundits at Gold Derby have predicted that 12 Years a Slave will earn 13 Oscar nominations when they are announced Thursday morning at 8:38 am EST/ 5:38 am PST (i.e., California time). I'm cautiously optimistic by this number because it's so intimidatingly high. It sets the film up to fail if it repeats the misery of the Golden Globes in only capturing one globe out of its seven nominations.

The FF chat room will be open about 15 minutes before the Oscar nominations and I'll be there to celebrate Michael Fassbender's anticipated first Oscar nomination. Also, Hupsakeek and I cooked up a fun surprise for Fassinators that will be unveiled on Friday.

Here are the nomination predictions from Gold Derby (I have placed an asterisk next to categories I think they are strongest in and could win):

"12 Years a Slave" (13 nominations)
Best Picture*
 Best Director*
Best Actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor*
 Best Supporting Actor, Michael Fassbender*
Best Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong'o*
Best Adapted Screenplay*
 Best Production Design*
 Best Cinematography*
 Best Costume Design
 Best Editing
 Best Score*
 Best Sound Editing
 Best Sound Mixing

I also want to make note of a tweet from Sasha Stone of Awards Daily yesterday. She heard from a voting member of AMPAS that he/she has no intention of supporting 12YAS or Wolf of Wall Street. Wow, that person should have their membership revoked. How immature, tacky, and unprofessional that person is. Sadly, this type of person ruined Brokeback Mountain's Oscar chances back in 2006 due to homophobia. Lord knows what kind of personal hangup people have in not supporting 12YAS. But I can take a good guess at several reasons why.

Just heard from an Academy member who is not nominating 12 Years or Wolf. Off to a great start.


St├ęphanie said...

Thanks for this new article.I will try to come to visit the chat room Friday.

Hupsakeek said...

hope I could join the chatroom friday after all it's weekend.:)

Simone said...

Stephanie, the chat is Thursday morning (my time at least). Marjan, I hope you can join too, it'll be fun.