Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Michael Fassbender at Curzon Soho Last Night

Michael after the Curzon Soho Q&A last night, looking a little overwhelmed.
There's not much to go on in reporting about the sold-out presentation screening of 12 Years a Slave at London's Curzon Soho theatre. Attending the Q&A with Michael Fassbender was director Steve McQueen and cinematographer Sean Bobbitt. Here are two of the best photos from the event, one posted at tumblr and the other on twitter.

Where is Michael headed to next? Well, I can only guess that he's going back to filming MacBeth. He'll be tied up with that until his anticipated appearance at the BAFTAs on Sunday, February 16th. And speaking of the BAFTAs,  a lot of supporters for 12YAS are strongly predicting the film to sweep up the major awards there, including Best Film. Although Gravity has been nominated in both Best British Film and Best Film, many think that there will be a backlash against Gravity, which is a big sci-fi blockbuster starring non-British A-list actors (although it was filmed at Pinewood studios in London). Some think that with Gravity losing in the British category to possibly Philomena, that leaves 12YAS to deservedly win the Best Film category. Also, it's predicted that all key 12YAS actors will win in their categories. But, it's still too close to call for McQueen and Cuaron. McQueen is British born and raised, while Cuaron currently calls London his home, so they are both British talent per se. I'm thinking McQueen has the Best Director wrapped up, but, we'll see.

I'm approaching the Oscars with a bit more trepidation now as I'm sensing that AMPAS is overwhelmed with so many great films, that they will vote for the ones with happy endings, A-list stars, and a fun and brilliant sci-fi blockbuster. With reports about some members not wanting to even watch their free screeners of 12 Years a Slave, it gives me pause to wonder that if they don't want to watch it for free because the topic really turns them off or scares them, there's no hope for those members and we'll just have to see the outcome on Oscar night. So just a heads up, I'm not feeling too groovy about the Oscars outcome now. 12 Years a Slave may be completely blindsided by the academy and win absolutely nothing, or it may win just one award to give it something. 12 Years a Slave is the ONLY film this award season that has people hesitant to watch, and others completely indifferent to it, with some even having the ignorance to question its "importance". Let's hope that BAFTA does the film justice.


Vera said...

Hmmm, this kind of puzzles me. Aren't they SUPPOSED to watch the films they are giving (or not giving) awards to? O_o

Simone said...

Yes Vera, they are SUPPOSED to, but they don't. Some don't have time to watch them all, and then politics come into play and they don't want to watch a film.

See: 2006, Brokeback Mountain - homophobes in AMPAS shouted from the mountain tops that they were not going to watch a movie about gay cowboys.

Today - some members have stated that don't want to watch a hard movie about slavery. Thus, the same people are missing out on Michael's performance.

It's messed up.