Thursday, January 2, 2014

Michael Fassbender in GQ UK - Going Gangster!

Click licks to the article scans Link 1,  Link 2, & Link 3

Source: ONTD!


Martha said...

Gangster look is quite intimidating. I am actually a bit afraid of him. Like he looks like he is about to order my demise in some of them. Yikes!

He is very well dressed though. But then those gangster guys always knew how to dress. Didn't I hear he is supposed to be in a movie about a guy trying to leave the "family" business. Maybe this is him gearing up for that. I guess this issue will be available in the U.S. in probably March?

Jhessye said...

Geez, and these pictures of just Michael posing. he's supposed to be playing a gangster in a upcoming film. Michael your medicine is acting! Proud of ya!

Martha said...

So when it does come to the U.S. I will only get it for the pictures because I already read the article here.


Best lines are
Steve McQueen - "Blatant advances!" Ha, ha, ha. Imagine a woman not being like that in his company.

Michael Fassbender - "I couldn't stand up and be like, 'Stop talking about…' " Oh wow too funny.

This is a great article. Thanks to whomever took the time to get these scans!