Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Michael Fassbender in Italy

This lucky tumblr fan bumped into Michael Fassbender the other day in Italy (near or in Rome where she lives) as she went out of her house for the first time in days due to a cold. She was just going out to buy some cold medicine, and who on the entire planet that she loves and adores does she run into? Michael! Talk about all the luck in the world, and having the Fassy Gods on your side. This is a cute picture and a big congratulations to her.

In the past five days, I have been very busy engaged in mature Oscar politics discussions at Awards Daily. Meanwhile, a segment of the fan base has been engaged in extremely toxic and disturbing discussions about Michael's private life at the typical places. However, a new home base for these fucked up conversations have settled in at a 1,159+ post at Just Jared. Yes, nearly 1,200 comments have been posted in response to those pictures of Michael walking around with a female friend. Three simple pap pictures apparently triggered almost 1,200 comments (I'm sure Just Jared loves the traffic!). I'm quite positive that the loonies will surpass 1,200 by the end of this day. I have only read one page of the comments, and I think it's safe to say that most are taken place in a padded cell somewhere in a mental institution. In addition to that, although I have banned myself from posting at the IMDB forums board of Michael Fassbender, I have recently visited there just to see how bad it is, and it's absolutely disgusting. I feel so embarrassed for the people actively engaged there as they think it's normal to carry on and gossip about an actor like that. By the way, last week, Michael's IMDB profile was in the Top 500, as of yesterday, he was 35. Yes, the power of an Oscar nomination!

I'm writing about this because the FF Pinterest board has experienced some drive-by insanity from some of those people. Imagine a pile of dog crap with 100 flies all over it. Some of those flies fly away to other nearby areas for a breather and space - as well as to infect that new clean spot with the shit from the dog crap it was snacking on. Well, our Pinterest board is part of the Fassy fandom and it is not immune to experiencing some residual effects of shit carrying fangirl flies. Now mind, these people are not real fans, they just get off on the gossip about Michael's private life - nothing else! So when Michael is nominated for an Oscar and we get 12 comments, and a gossip website that only writes about Michael when he's spotted with a female friend, that blog post garners over 1,000 comments. C'est la vie in the world of celebrity gossip where quality information does not matter, but gossip crap drives in the traffic.

I guess my mind was still on New Zealand after Michael was filming Slow West late last year. But apparently, he's in Italy probably doing some pre-production work on MacBeth. However, according to this article yesterday, apparently a portion of MacBeth will be filmed in Elstead, in Surrey, England. This makes a lot of sense for a Scottish Shakespeare drama being filmed in the UK instead of way down in New Zealand - even though the director is Australian. If I recall correctly, Centurion was filmed in Surrey. Michael said many months ago that he will be too busy filming to campaign for any awards, even the big one if he were nominated. I do know that Michael will do what he can to support the film when his schedule allows, as he did with the Globes over a week ago. He had to cancel his Graham Norton appearance due to scheduling conflicts, but some people took it as a personal affront. I mean really? Do you not have a life? Does every waking moment of your existence rest upon Michael Fassbender being at an awards event when it wasn't even clear he was going to be there in the first damn place? And do you really have nothing else to do than to see him on a cheesy talk show with a cheesy host, and cry hate on him when he dares to cancel?  Aha, I got it. When he's at award shows and on talk shows, he's not with someone else that got your panties in a bunch!

Michael Fassbender is a grown ass man, he has a life, and he's a very busy professional Oscar nominated A-list actor. There are things he must do for his career that does not, and should not be ridiculed by idiots. Note that I do not refer to the idiots as fans because fans do not insult him, do not stop liking him because he's not doing what they want him to do, and fans do not throw racist bullshit towards each other. In all the years of me being a fan of various celebrities, I have never, ever, witnessed such barbaric behaviors and attitudes within a fandom. This is a new low and I am very concerned.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here and please rest assured that if you really are a fan, then you are in the right place to celebrate the life and career of a really cool guy and actor, Michael Fassbender.

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Xenia said...

I'm Italian so I'm happy to have him closer :-).

Just found this on twitter, maybe you already knew:


Simone said...

Thanks Alina for the tweet info, I follow Curzon, I must have missed it while at work.

St├ęphanie said...

Great photo .... and beautiful text, I agree with you about these people who call themselves fans whereas they are interested by the side "people" rather than the talented artist that Michael Fassbender is.
Sorry if my English isn't very good ...