Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moving on to the REAL Awards (SAGs, BAFTA, and Oscars)

The Golden Globes are bogus and a sham
It is 9:50pm EST as I type this post and I just killed the online stream of the Golden Globes after the Original Screenplay category, which preceded the Best Supporting Actor. At this point, 12YAS lost all categories it was nominated in, and it started to look like that a certain tweet was accurate after all. A tweet was posted from a HFPA person the other day and shared at Awards Watch, where it was stated that 12YAS was going to be shut out and that HFPA would be called racist. And then six other HFPA members re-tweeted her message. I'm deliberately leaving the person's name out because from this moment on HFPA just does not matter to me anymore, and I'll explain why.

For many years I have enjoyed watching the Golden Globes, and I always found it odd how they were so easily predictable and that's based on this small organization's immature fixation on mega-stars and popular trends. Basically, they do not think outside of the box, they are incapable of doing so. But this year is different because a very important film that needed to be made, deserves to be recognized and honored. It's clear that 12 Years a Slave is an American story that is not the kind of film that the journalist who are members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association finds worthy of honoring. Tonight, they are honoring a very different type of American film and HPFA is on the American Hustle train.

I'm disgusted with the Golden Globes so much now, so fed up with their star-fucking, that I'm going to make it official and never watch the show again. My reaction is not out of the norm, I know many people who hate the Globes and tried to tell me what a bunch of bullshit it all is. As a matter of fact Nikke Finke on Twitter was suppose to do a live snark on the "(fake) Golden Globes" - those were her words, but she later posted that she was advised by legal counsel to not do a live tweet snark on the GGs. When someone like Nikke Finke publicly declares that an award show is "fake", which is due to the behind the scenes deals to secure a GG award, it is fake and not to be taken seriously. But, I still fell into the drama and wanted my favorite film of the year, and actor to be award. But that is not going to happen, and I'm moving on.

HFPA are hacks and I should not have taken them seriously all these years. It took this year for me to finally get a clue that there is a not more going on with this organization than meets the eye. This organization has serious legitimacy issues, they have serious credibility issues, and they are not worth my time anymore. The film that we all enjoy will receive proper recognition in one form or another from the real award ceremonies that occur in the following six weeks.


Jody Nell Pangilinan said...

Yes, he will be nomianted, for sure; By the way, TYAS is GOlden Globe best picture. For me it means that while TYAS did not win in other categories, the nominees were close second making TYAS Best Picture (Best picture is driven by story, directing, acting, screenplay). Therefore, TYAS is overall the best

Simone said...

Thanks for your comment, I definitely concur.

Martha said...

Although glad for the win, I wish the actors and Steve would have been recognized. Thanks again for expanding the chat. I signed in so late that I would not have been able to join. Looking forward to future chats though not frustration that comes with awards.

Simone said...

Totally moving on now to the Oscar nominations. Oftentimes, the GGs are totally different than the Oscars, and in this case, that's a blessing. However, some FYC ads need to be dedicated to Lupita, Chiwetel, and Michael as I have not seen one. Competing films have FYC ads all over the place and there's been nothing for 12YAS.