Friday, January 31, 2014

TGIF 131

The coldest, snowiest month of my entire life ends today, as does a rather stressful month in being celebratory for Michael Fassbender, and protective of him. The good is that with his Oscar nomination, his name recognition and value skyrocketed. The bad is that people who claim to be his fans and the trolls they consort with spent more time talking smack and irrelevant stuff about Michael at record levels. What concerns me is that people are so willing to engage in that crap, and become obsessed with it, believe it in, and eventually loose interest in him as a fan. Well if you lost interest in Michael lately due to bullshit rumors, then don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Cuz you know what, he doesn't need your wishy-washy silliness anyway.

I shared my thoughts about the state of the fandom with a person close to Michael's management and this person heard me out and in response, they made one thing clear that needs to be stressed now more than ever: "Michael remains extremely grateful for all the support of his fans and Fassinating Fassbender - as you know, the support of everyone is extremely important to him".

Keyword: Support. So that was very nice to be reminded of in light of the bullcrap that has been going on in the fandom. Especially after I told them about some concerns I had about the lies and fabrications about Michael, and the troll incidences. So it just made it all the more encouraging to be reminded that Michael knows that Fassinating Fassbender and good fans got his back and that our support is very important. I mean, think about it. When you are a high profile person, you are subjected to the type of scrutiny that we regular people can't even begin to imagine. And when every aspect of who you are, what you do, and what you're like is analyzed and re-analyzed by people who have nothing else better to do. And mole hills are made into Mt. Rushmore mountains and become stupid gossip, it can have damaging effects against someone's good name. However, that's where FF comes in and stands out from the crowd as a beacon of sanity and consistent unwavering support for Michael.

To the good fans, I hope you now know for sure that your sincere support is appreciated by Michael, now more than ever.



St├ęphanie said...

Michael Fassbender, and you, persons who manage Fassinating Fassbender, you have my full support.
I still fingers crossed for the next awards.
Normally I'll see 12 years of slave in the coming days, it is finally in theaters in France

Simone said...

Thanks Stephanie, I definitely appreciate your support of FF. Regular commenters like you help keep FF active and alert. I know the blog has a lot of traffic and some people prefer not to support the blog and Michael by not posting supportive comments. They are vocal in other places discussing Michael, but can't be bothered to post here.

So I thank you. And I hope you see 12YAS soon.

Silvia Cataldo said...

Thanks for this post Simone. I totally agree with you. Also, I wanted to point out, cause there´s been some trolling about this too, that THERE´S NO COMPETITION AMONG FAN PAGES/WEBSITES. It seem, some people think that there should be only one site about Michael. I disagree. We are all free to make our own page, but the important thing is to respect others...and Michael obviously.

Simone said...

Thank YOU Silvia! And you're right about the no-competition between fansites. There is a sentiment that there should only be one, but such beliefs are selfish and envious. I asked a friend last year what is it about Fassinating Fassbender that some fans dislike so much. She told me that it's because I'm just a mere fan and people wonder what makes ME so special to do what I do here at FF. The traveling I do, the presentation of the blog, and interview I did with Michael (and will do again in the future). Other websites have a team of people and run the pages more like "professional fans". I'm not that, I'm just a damn fan like everyone else. I write about myself, my twitter focuses on Michael but 100+ other topics. I also have a take no shit attitude and I call people out on their shit. So the hate on FF and me can be due to a multitude of reasons, but mostly jealousy in how I do what I do, and the successes I've had, which has been shared with fellow readers.

I say the more fan sites the merrier because each one serves a specific purpose.

Fingersmith said...

Well, let me state the obvious then, Michael will always have my support. I am extremely proud of his achievements as an actor, especially recently, and I am proud to be a Fassinator. I think this time should be celebrated and cherished, as he's getting internationally recognised, and deservedly so. Anyone in the so-called fandom who wastes time on pointless gossip now, is losing sight of what's important, I think. So there.
Btw, I am seeing TYAS finally tonight, it's premiere night here in Poland. The day I've waited 1,5 year for has finally come, yay! So excited. :)

Simone said...

Thanks for your comments Barbara, and please share with us your thoughts about 12YAS. It's a tough film to watch.

Vera said...

As I've probably said ealier, every time I'm feeling a bit down, I remember that the talent of Michael Fassbender is somewhere out there in the world. And while we have a chance to witness this talent, we should count ourselves lucky, and not get upset about minor setbacks. It's the thought that gives me the much needed push to move on and try harder in whatever I'm doing at the moment. So needless to say Michael has and will always have my support.

Hupsakeek said...

An actor with his quality deserves the best support from his fans. Writing this made me realize that the word fan had also have a negative side due to the trolls and other extreme behaviour from 'fans' . Your post made me think that supporter is a better word. It isn't 'loaded' if you know what I mean.

Simone Cromer said...

Great attitude Vera!

I know what you mean Hupsakeek about the meaning of fan. It has been maligned lately by disturbing behaviors and attitudes. Just two weeks ago at the Awards Watch board, some people started harassing me because of my support for Michael. They started teasing me and referred to me as a stan. I hate that term because it's a combined new word that means Fan+Stalker=stan. I find it highly offensive and I left the board for the remainder of the Oscar season. So, I too want to embrace the term supporter rather than fan because real fans just aren't respected and it only take one rotten fan to ruin its true meaning.

I would like to what others think about this.

Snootiegirl said...

Well said.