Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Michael is a Leading Man Anyway

The frantic atmosphere at my job on Monday helped me quickly move on from Sunday's Bafta travesty. Things tend to sort themselves out and lend perspective when you distance yourself and your mind from things you have no control over. Now that I know that Michael Fassbender will not win an Oscar on March 2nd, there's a relaxing calm I feel now that I have not experienced this awards season since it started. But now that I know where he stands, I accept the politics and games as part and parcel and this allows me to view the remainder of the season with an indifferent side-eye.

However, I do want to share with you an article I discovered today to help us better understand why this year was not meant to be. You see, Michael Fassbender is a Leading Man actor. Period. And therefore, in the future when he is nominated again, he'll surely be in the Best Actor category; the more prestigious acting category. Why is it more prestigious? Because it's an honor of the actor that has the lead role in a film, and has the more screen time. Take for instance, Cate Blanchett. This lovely actress won her first Oscar several years ago in the Supporting Actress category for The Aviator. And I lie to you not when I tell you that hardcore Cate fans felt from that very moment after she won her supporting Oscar, yearned for her to win a "real" Oscar - the Best Actress Oscar (and she's on track to do that with Blue Jasmine). Yes... there is a difference between the two. Sure, an Oscar is an Oscar, they both are gold, they weigh the same, and look pretty on the winner's mantle at home. But there is a difference between Best Actor/Actress, and Best Supporting Actor/Actress. One is a higher achiever than the other. And as this article implies, at the end of the day, an Oscar is an Oscar, but, the supporting award doesn't have as much prestige.

Of all the honours that can be bestowed, a best supporting actor or actress award seems to carry the least respect, the Toronto Sun said.

So when Michael's name is not announced in the supporting category on March 2, let's not bat an eye, he'll have another chance one day, and next time, it'll be for the Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture film.

Best Actor Oscar vs. Best Supporting Actor Oscar: What's the Difference?


Martha said...

I think that by know Michael has grown a thicker skin than us. Because we are his fans it may take us a while longer.

I think he takes that attitude because when he sees other examples of great actors who get passed over, well his work is what matters most not an award. Time after time he delivers great performances.

Even while playing Magneto he was better than a few of the leading men nominated for that year. I know it can seem that I am partial, but I was more sympathetic for Magneto than I was for George Clooney finding out his comatose wife had cheated on him. His performance as Magneto was better than Brad Pitt in Moneyball, and I loved Moneyball (I love baseball in general).

I think if I recall correctly it was the first time the great Gary Oldham was nominated for an Oscar. THE FIRST TIME!!! I just love Gary he always delivers wonderfully. I think he is an incredible actor. So it may be decades. Michael may be an old man before he wins.

Even so Michael will still deliver amazing performances because this is who he is. While some people may even have several statues on their mantle some of those performances will be forgotten. Some of Michael's performances will still be talked about long after we are gone (sans award).

If we take the relaxed attitude that Michael does we will be okay. I speak for myself in that I have been a bit heart broken by not only his performance being downplayed by his lack of awards, but also 12 Years a Slave as a whole. Sure it keeps winning Best FIlm but all of the other elements of this film have mostly been overlooked and that is upsetting as well. How can a movie win Best Film time after time and at least three of it's other elements not be recognized.

12 Years a Slave is a film for the ages. That should be our comfort this year. The other films will not be remembered a few years from now. Gravity (have not seen it) has not impacted anyone's life. I will eventually see it but I doubt it will resonate in my life.

I will probably watch Dallas Buyers Club sometime this week and I know that it's a strong film so after watching it I may feel either strongly for Michael or more on board for Leto. I know Mathew is a good actor as well and maybe after watching it I will feel he is better suited than Chiwetel. We shall see…

But yeah, I expected better from BAFTA since DBC cast was not nominated.

Michael is now concentrating on MacBeth so we should look forward to that and remember in May two of his movies are supposed to be released. (US). So we have much to look forward to!!

Simone said...

Thank you so much Martha for your well thought out comments. Yes, many of us expected better from BAFTA, but their goal is to be an influence on Oscar, and they know that the established myriad of politics, have long excluded Michael Fassbender from true consideration.

His reward this season are the nominations themselves, and I'm sure he's proud of that.