Friday, February 7, 2014

TGIF 207

Photo by Billy Nava
The Oscar ballots go out in a few days, and Michael Fassbender has started filming MacBeth in England and Scotland. I expect him to attend the BAFTAs due to logistics, but we'll have to see about the Oscars, because again, he'll be in the midst of filming MacBeth. (Especially if the BAFTAs don't turn out in his favor, I would really like to know if he'll attend the Oscars).

As a reminder, there will be a live FF chat for the BAFTAs and according to the website, the ceremony will start at 9pm GMT, which is 4pm EST, or 1pm PST on a Sunday, so there should be a large amount of people participating. Hopefully the European Fassbender contingency will be able to check in, at least for a short while.



Hupsakeek said...

TGIF everyone!
And yes I will be in the chatroom, maybe that will bring some luck :)Can't wait to meet you all then.

St├ęphanie said...

I saw (finally) 12 Years a Slave today,this film is beautiful, poignant and terrible at the same time , thanks to a wonderful team of actors.Michael Fassbender is incredibly Awesome and terrifying at the same time in the role of Edwin Epps.

Martha said...

Look forward to Sunday to chat again with other Fassinators. GGs were fun!

By the way Simone, this picture is so good I might make it my new phone picture. He looks so nice!

Kruschelkasten said...

This was in this morning's news Ticker: Cinema for Peace has TYAS awarded with their price for the Most Valuable Movie of the Year.