Friday, February 21, 2014

TGIF 221

Next week is the end of this year's award season, and it can't come soon enough. Just as I have come to terms with the reality of the strategically planned and played out award presentations leading up to the Oscars, I'm ready to move on. This week, Michael Fassbender reminded us of a film he is going to start working on almost immediately after MacBeth, titled 'Trepass Against Us', which was announced way back in October by Variety. But also coming up next week is the official announcement and kick-off of the 2nd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser for The Bike Experience! If you are subscribed to the Fassy News Network mailing list, you'll get first dibs on information about the fundraiser before it's posted for the public here at FF (a benefit of being signed up for the newsletter).

Are you scratching your head wondering what is this mailing list thingamagig and how do you sign up? Well, the mailing list sign up box can be found on the sidebar just below the Amazon Store widget. The newsletter will come out sometime this weekend, Hupsakeek is working on a graphic to accommodate it.

I for one am glad this week is nearly over because it has been hectic at work and the Michigan weather has been seriously tripping out and getting on my very last nerve. Did you know that on Thursday morning, an unexpected, unannounced mini-snow storm dumped like 4 inches of snow within an hour, and then with the snap of a finger, that crap turned into freezing rain and melted the new snow over the next couple of hours? I know this because I had to drive in it. This is ridiculous and unacceptable! Spring needs to hurry up and arrive and that's why this week's warm weather looking TGIFassy picture has been selected!



Hupsakeek said...

TGIF!!!In The Netherlands is announced today that this winter was one of the three warmest winters of the last 3 centuries. (It feels like the wettest winter of the last 3 centuries). Yesterday was the first day that 12 years a slave played in the cinema. Because the art house cinema is in my neighbourhood there are a lot of 12 years a slave posters! So I've a big smile on my face when driving to my work(I count 6 in a 3 mile trip). It's the only movie poster this week. The reviews are great and there are special showings with discussions about slavery afterwards and the Rijksmuseum showed the movie for a invited public (press, showbizz and such). I'm gonna watch it again with a friend but I think I wait a week to avoid the crowd.

Vera said...

Here in Moscow it has been around -28C for 3 weeks in a row about 2 weeks ago, then 1 week ago we had 0C, and this week we have this crazy snow/rain that you described, everything melts during the day and freezes over night, so we basically skate to work. Seems like the weather is going nuts everywhere!!!!

@Hupsakeek: it's great that TYAS got to the Netherlands! and for me watching it was more of a personal experience as well, so I understand your wish to have less people around you.