Friday, February 28, 2014

TGIF 228 Special Edition! (Updated)

The Real Best Supporting Actor of 2013!
We have arrived at the end of the tunnel, the light is upon us and Michael Fassbender. What was suppose to be a fun and thrilling awards season with awards coming at Michael left and right, has sadly not been the case. However, Michael has won praise and some awards from other groups that paid attention to his great work. On Thursday, Michael was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award for 12 Years a Slave, so maybe another and final award for playing Epps will come his way. But for the Oscars, this will be his first time attending (can you believe that?) and it's been reported that Michael will be bringing his parents, just as most of us expected. His parents are the Original Fassinators and deserve to escort their son on one of the biggest nights of his life. Although he may not go up on the stage, they'll be there to hear his name being called out as a nominee. So Michael, go there, have fun, eat and drink well, stay in a lovely hotel suite, get your Oscar nominee bag of treats and carry on!

As a reminder, for the final time this awards season, the FF chat room will be open starting at 7pm EST, 4pm PST (too damn late pm GMT). Everyone is welcome and I hope it's a lively chat with active discussions about the entire award season, 12YAS, Michael's upcoming films, and the fundraiser.

And speaking of the Fundraiser, I hope we get some donations today to help kick off the Oscar weekend and to celebrate and congratulate Michael on reaching this impressive milestone of his career! Simply click on the Just Giving badge at the top of  the sidebar, and just give what you can.

Update: Johanna L is the first person to make a donation, so she will receive a little Fassy gift! Thank you Johanna, someone had to bite the bullet first! :)

Again, congratulations to Michael for achieving new heights in your career this awards season!



Vera said...

The pic is gorgeous!!! TGI Fassy everyone and have a wonderful weekend(if you know what I mean!!!))) )

Simone said...

Oh yes Vera, I selected that pic for the Oscar weekend! I hope we see you in the chat room.

St├ęphanie said...

I'll be there sunday too.
I have the chance to be in Florida on vacation so I'll be there for the live Academy Awards live on ABC ... maybe because my husband wants to watch The Walking Dead and there is only one TV in our room;)
For the donation, I'll make it on returning to France, I hope that it will not be too late next Friday.

Simone said...

Stephanie, enjoy Florida. The fundraiser is open until the end of March. :)