Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Band of Fassinators - Five Days Remaining

Update: Yes, Hupsakeek made her second donation to feel good and to help TBE! We're at 62% now. Thank you sister!

If we get only one donation today, we'll take $5 because that's all that we need to push our current £599.78 to the golden range of £600+ monies raised. It's apparent that we won't raise our goal of £1000, but the closer we get to it, the more The Bike Experience can do with these funds.

Please donate as much as you can today and in these remaining days because as you can see, every single dollar/pound/euro HELPS!


Your benefit to donating:

1. You'll feel good - donating money and helping others releases endorphins in your brain and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy and stuff.
2. Your name will be added onto a special birthday certificate letter to Michael for his birthday. Which he will get, trust me.
3. All donor's names will be added into a raffle for some nice prizes.
4. Your money is going to a wonderful cause that helps a lot of people.
5. You will be recognized as a member of A Band of Fassinators (a nice rip off of a Band of Brothers)!


Hupsakeek said...

you're so good at this Simone!
So I pushed it over the 600 :)

Simone said...

LOL! My efforts are only impressing those who go the next step and make the donation, such as yourself. Thank you dear! xoxo