Monday, March 24, 2014

Eight days to go (updated)

Update: Thank you Jhessye for your donation today, just as you're in the midst of a charity bike tour in South America! I am so impressed by our donors this year! xoxo

Do you know why I selected The Bike Experience as the Fassinating Fassbender birthday charity? It's all about motorcycles. Michael Fassbender is an avid biker, trekking across Europe on his bike because of the freedom and the speed, and around London when he's home between filming. In almost every interview with Michael, he mentions the importance of spending time on his bike. So it means a lot to him, and surely he has an affinity towards anyone else who loves the thrill of the motorcycle too. That's why it's important to help The Bike Experience with your donation today to help disabled bike lovers enjoy riding a bike again, if just for a short spin.

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