Thursday, March 6, 2014

Frank! May 9


Snootiegirl said...

Oh my goodness! That looks absurdly hysterical. Especially knowing MF is under that silly head. I'm really liking Maggie G's performance too. The BS-meter in their lives. Ha!

Martha said...

I for one find this trailer hilarious. I also love the sound of his voice. Because I'm not concentrating on his face like I normally do, (LOL) it stands out a little more.

I have seen some negative comments about the movie from people in GB as to why he has an american accent. Some of them feel the inspiration is English so why not just keep him English. I suspect it was done to try to appeal to American audiences but some Brits feel like they are messing with one of their icons I guess. We shall see if this movie is received well or not. No matter what I know I will enjoy it.

So the countdown is on as I await for it's arrival at a theatre near me. :) Does anyone know it's release date in the U.S. because I thought it was in May but now it specifically says (IMBD) that the May 2 date is for Britain.

Thanks all! Oh wait, I just saw the title of the post. Frank May 9th. Duh!