Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fundraiser Update

Update: Thanks to Christine H and Deirdre E for your donations today! Can we top £100 today? :-)  All fundraising faces challenges in raising monies and this second annual FF fundraiser for Michael's birthday, benefiting The Bike Experience is no different. In comparison to last year's first fundraiser, we are not on track with the pace of receiving donations. With a shorter fundraising window, and a loss of friends from the community who are no longer Fassinators, this year will surely be affected by these situations. But I'm confident that those who are able, willing, and interested in making a donation, will do so and help The Bike Experience. I also realize that people will rally in the final week with donations, but at this moment, I do want to keep motivation and interest high early in the fundraising.

TBE drafted up a Year in Review (a requirement for charities) and it's a good and informative read to help demonstrate their need this year. I posted the letter up at - FF Google Drive

I hope most if not all of you who donated last year can repeat again this year. There are some cool raffle prizes to give out if we meet our £1000 goal!

Thank You!

ps. there are a LOT of fresh and crazy gossip/rumors about Michael Fassbender in the past 72 hours. Take them for what they're worth, NOTHING, and as shits and giggles and ignore them. Apparently it drives traffic to tacky websites when they mention a hot A-lister Academy Award nominated actor.

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