Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Day to Donate (updated) We did it!

My favorite Michael photo to celebrate a successful fundraiser!
Update: With donations by Anastasia, Glenda, and Blanca, we have passed last year's fundraiser at 130% (last year 114%), with £1305.18 raised! This is amazing! So unexpected, but very much hoped for. Thank you so very much!

Update: And donations are still coming in! Merci Ann for your donation, you supported us last year too! We are at 103% of our goal now! xoxo

THE UPDATE: This is the update message we've all been waiting for! We surpassed our goal!!!! Yeah! Thank you Kendra for your donation and we have now raised £1003.88! And that day ain't over yet! Congratulations to all the donors because every single dollar/pound/euro YOU donated, contributed to what WE raised! Pat yourselves on the back! xoxo

Update: OMG! Thank you Helen G and Anonymous for your donations to push us within grasp of our goal. Dammit, I think we're going to do it! (wipes away tear)

Update: Yes! April K made a significant donation this afternoon, and Gabriel L made his second donation! We are at £933! Unbelievable... so close! xoxo

Update: Thank you Barbara B and Sarah S for your much needed donations today! :D

Thanks to Stephanie W for her donation this Monday morning. We did not receive any donations over the weekend, so it appears that we have reached the summit for this fundraiser. However, we have a full day ahead of us and we may receive a few late donations. Our funds raised stand at £821.20. It would not be impossible to hit our £1000 goal, but it does seem very difficult at this moment.

I greatly appreciate the support of the select people who have donated, and please know that The Bike Experience appreciate your financial support, and that Michael Fassbender appreciates this recognition for his birthday.


Vera said...

Congratz to all of us!!! as I've already said many times, LADIES, WE ROCK!!!!)))))

Simone said...

as well as our honorary male Fassinator Gabriel L. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Heee I just managed to squeeze my donation in ! Didn't think I'd be able to make it but I did :D
Also I'm so glad we reached the goal, I've been following the progression of the fundraising very closely even if I've been totally absent since forever.
Good job Simone for promoting and leading the fundraising like you did, you amazing woman you <3


Simone said...

Thank you so much Ann. As you know, this is definitely a group effort, and monies we continue to collect will only help TBE even MORE.

I know you're in school in Scotland and as a student, your money is precious to you. The bike experience appreciates your kindness.


Martha said...

Oh WOW! After such a silent Saturday and Sunday I didn't think we would make the goal. I was a bit sad when I checked on Sunday and saw no activity had happened. Also knowing that Kristin Stewarts fans did what they did. I mean good for them but yeah I was like, where have the Fassinators gone!

To surpass the goal is just awesome. At the end of my work day, I was just so excited. TBE is a most worthy cause and honoring Michael on his birthday, well it just makes me so happy. :)

Great job Simone and fellow Fassinators!