Sunday, March 2, 2014

Michael at the Oscars!

Michael Fassbender took his sister to the Independent Spirit Awards yesterday in Santa Monica where 12 Years a Slave won the top prizes, including Steve McQueen for Best Director. And as you already know, he's spreading the awards ceremony love with his family because Michael is going to take his parents to the Oscars with him. I listed my Oscar Hopes at my ToZ blog and although I make daring selections, I'm happy that I offer up a fresh perspective, and that I'm not one who spends every waking moment toying with stats, odds, and formulas to predict who is going to win at the Oscars. I have found that the prediction business has made the actual Oscar ceremony boring and predictable because AMPAS has toed the line and lived up to what people predict they will do. What fun is that? Imagine being part of an organization that is so studied (85 years of history to refer to) that predictions are made based on politics, PR, and what we know is your likes and dislikes. So it begs the question, in the end, how much respect does such an organization truly deserve? Not much.

Of all the categories I'm interested in tonight, the Best Picture is the most important one because 12 Years a Slave is not only an excellently made film, but it is very important and is the only film that can provide an educational perspective for schools... similar to Schindler's List. It seems so unfair to pit two movies like 12YAS and Gravity against each other because they both could not be more different than the other. At Awards Daily, I commented that AMPAS should consider creating a new film category such as, 'Best Alternative Cinema', were a film like Gravity, and Her, for instance, can be in a category with other genre films so that they can win outright on their own in a stand alone category. I believe it was just 15 years ago when AMPAS created Best Animated Film, so why not create another category for non-animated genre films? But I digress...

I have not watched the Oscars telecast in about five years. I can't tolerate the silliness of the show, most categories completely bore me, and as I just mentioned previously, the predictability of the ceremony pretty much has been foretold weeks before this finale event. So, why bother watching? I have come to enjoy and prefer following the show and the winner announcements via twitter and live active comments at the Awards Daily Oscar thread. So when the FF chat takes place tonight, I will also be on twitter, and at Awards Daily, I'll be multi-tasking like mad.

Whatever the outcome is for Michael's category, he has shown himself to be a respectful nominee and exhibiting excellent sportsmanship. It must be hard to be nominated consistently in all the top awards, but not take anything home. The worst was the BAFTA lost as they signaled to AMPAS that Michael's performance, while brilliant, was just too polarizing to favor and is only worthy of nominating. The Oscars will stay the course in the supporting actor category because it's safe and has been approved by precursor awards and the media... and plus, they'll feel good about their decision because after all, that is what is important, the group's comfort in their choice. I'm so glad this rotten awards season is over, I've never seen anything as bad as this.

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Hupsakeek said...

You're a woman so multi tasking shouldn't be a problem :-) I guess i'm in my bed when all the 'fun' is going on.
I'm Tired and have wet eyes already. I wish I could blame the award season, but unfortunately I must blame nature (hay fever). Nevertheless the feeling is the same. The only highlights this award season are the press attention for this great film and some stunning pics. After today the world keeps on turning and the whole circus start over again :-)

Kruschelkasten said...

Have fun! I'll join Hupsakeek in bed (albeit a different one ;) ). From 1 am to 6 am in front of a TV with a break every 10 minutes is not my idea of spending the night (not even for Michael, sorry man).

Snootiegirl said...

I'm just hoping for good photos and a genuine smile because he's sharing the moment with his parents.