Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Six days to go! (updated)

Michael riding in style with one of his trusted buddies over the weekend.
Elaine's donation yesterday was the fifth of the day, making it our busiest donation day this fundraising period. In total, we raised approximately $130 yesterday alone. Great job guys, and thanks for appealing to my Lucky 7 rallying call!

What can you do help today? Well, we are just shy of £600, so donations today will push us in the 60% monies raised mark, and I believe we can do it, especially since we have SIX days to go, so let's meet the challenge of the 6s. Let's hit and pass 600 GBP today!


Update: Thanks for your donation today Terri, it was the solo donation for the day and we're just so close at £599.78.

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